12 Fun Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas


A kids birthday party should be memorable and fun for everyone involved. The best way to create a memorable birthday party is to use a theme that the little guest of honor will enjoy. A themed birthday party is not only something your child will remember, but it can also be easier to decorate and bake for as everything would need to follow the theme. It all starts with a list of kids birthday party ideas to get your imagination going.

Girls Party Ideas

Girls usually have a different view on life than boys, but every girl is different. You should consider a variety of party theme ideas before deciding on one.

Unicorn Theme

Girls love the combination of unicorns and rainbows, which makes a unicorn party theme very popular. When it comes to snacks, you can offer Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn from Popcornopolis as something unique and tasty. Remember to use plenty of rainbow colored decorations and there are many different unicorn plate and cup party sets to choose from as well.

Princess Theme

There are a lot of little girls who want to be a princess, and you can make your little girl’s dreams come true with a princess themed birthday party. You can find creative ways to make your house look like a castle, and you can encourage all of the guests to dress like little princesses and princes. If there is a specific princess your little girl likes, then base the majority of the theme and the color scheme for the party on that princess.

Cat Theme

Little girls are usually fond of cats and kittens, which makes this the ideal birthday theme. If you have a cat your little girl is especially fond of, you can have that cat’s image printed on all of the party plates and napkins. For entertainment, you can have fun cat videos looping on your television from one of the many video hosting websites.

Art Theme

For a different kind of birthday party theme, you can tap into your daughter’s creative side and have an art party. You can cover an entire table in paper and let all of the guests paint or draw all of they want. You can also set up areas where party guests can create things with paper plates and other ideas. Little girls enjoy being creative and this type of party requires almost no decorations.

Tea Party Theme

For younger girls, having their birthday party turn into a tea party would be something they would always remember. Set up one of the rooms in your house with little tea tables complete with tea sets and snacks and watch as your little girl has the time of her life.

Television Show Theme

One type of party theme that will work for boys and girls is the television show party theme. Every child has their favorite television show and you will find plenty of party decorations and favors based on that show to make your girl’s party a big hit.

Boys Party Themes

When children are young, they often like to separate themselves based on gender, which makes planning a party different for boys than it does for girls.

Superhero Theme

Little boys enjoy watching movies and television shows about superheroes. Your superhero birthday party can be planned one of two ways. You can either buy decorations and party favors based on your boy’s favorite hero, or you can open up the party to all superheroes and ask everyone to show up in costume.

Video Game Theme

There is a good chance that there are party decorations based on your child’s favorite video game and that would make a memorable theme for a boy’s birthday party. The only rule you might want to create is that while the theme of the party is video games, there will be no video games played during the party.

Sports Theme

A sports theme is something boys and girls can enjoy and could be a great theme if your little boy has a lot of girls he wants to invite to his party. A sports theme is also effective if your little one is already involved in team sports and wants to invite his teammates.

Dinosaur Theme

There is just something about dinosaurs that interests some little boys, and that makes dinosaurs a great party theme. You can choose a generic dinosaur theme, or you can choose a specific dinosaur movie and get the decorations and party favors based on that movie.

Pirate Theme

Your son might never forget the birthday party where the house was decorated like a pirate ship and all of his friends showed up in pirate costumes. There are a lot of options when it comes to a pirate party theme, so be sure to do lots of research before putting your party together.

Television Show Theme

As with little girls, you cannot go wrong if you put together a birthday party for your little boy based on his favorite television show.

When you use a theme to plan your child’s birthday party, you wind up with more ideas than you can use and that will make for a great party.

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