Wearing a swimsuit is one of the many ways that a woman shows how she embraces her body and feels confident about it. Bikinis leave the wearer exposed with nothing to hide, and that is why it is also important for women to choose a swimsuit that flaunts their unique beauty perfectly.

Whether they are shopping for bikinis online, looking through a catalogue, or window shopping with their friends in a mall or boutique, there are five key details that they must remember when buying a bathing suit.

Getting one’s body summer or beach-ready will not be enough if they fail to choose flattering bikini swimwear for their body’s shape and size. Most of the time, the wrong choice of beach attire is one of the causes of wardrobe malfunction.

The first thing to consider when choosing a bikini is body shape

Each woman has different body measurements. They also differ in the shape of their bodies. It is important to take a moment to stand in front of the mirror and take careful notice of the curves on their hips, their bust measurement, and note the measurements of their torso. Women with more curves and have an hourglass figure generally fit into any bathing suit or swimwear. 

On the other hand, women with a rounder body shape can make v-neck bikini tops and one-piece suits their best friend. Ruffled swimsuits add a soft touch to athletic, straight, or rectangular body shapes.

Try to play around with colours

Colours can also be flattering to different body types, especially in swimsuits. A monochromatic bathing suit screams elegance, and it is also perfect for women who want to look slimmer, and effortlessly sexy. Colour blocking or choosing a bikini with two different solid shades works well with glowing and flawless skin. To achieve the perfect colour blocking effect, it would be best to opt for neon shades because these are more fun and add more spice to any look.

Be careful with the choice of prints

Some swimsuits bear prints, but not all these prints are flattering to look at. For instance, horizontal stripes may not be the best choice for shorter girls. It will only accentuate their lack of height. In contrast, vertical stripes can add length to their height and create the illusion that they are taller than they are. 

Try and fit bikinis the right way

What this means is to choose swimwear that is a little smaller or one size down. Most swimwear tends to expand or increase in size once it is submerged in water. That said, if the swimsuit is a little larger than the wearer’s normal size, it might come loose or leave them exposed. Some bikinis have adjustable straps, making it easier to fit and fix before, during, and after the wearer takes a swim.

Confidence is key

Regardless of the number of cute or aesthetically pleasing bikinis online, a lady’s beach-ready look will not be complete if she doesn’t feel that comfortable in her skin. Confidence is the best accessory to pair with sexy or breathtaking swimwear. When a woman feels good about herself, it becomes the X-factor that will surely make heads turn and take notice of a woman’s unique beauty and sassiness.