8 Top-Notch Ladies Shoe Trends for 2021


For almost two years, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has confined the world to the four walls of the home. By opening your closet, you can find that sweatpants and house sleepers have replaced your blazers and heels. Not only you but also countless people all over the globe are in the same boat. However, it does not mean that your wardrobe is no more useful. The time of leaving your home is not far away. If you have a great fascination for trendy ladies shoes, this is high time for you to add some latest ones to your closet before stepping out of your home.

In the last couple of years, the fashion industry has embraced a more practical approach that makes sense and creates a more realistic and comfortable style. For instance, most college-goers and working women now prefer wearing comfortable flatforms that can lift all the ribbed bottoms stored in your closet, funky sandals, and regular shoes. 

Check out eight latest ladies shoe trends in 2021:


Flatforms designs popular in the nineties reigned women’s hearts for a long time. Still, these designs are prevalent. This particular design has been carrying a number of varieties right from its inception. It is suitable for all outfits. Perhaps this is the reason behind its popularity. Women who are shorter at height but not comfortable wearing heels can go for flatforms. It will provide both comfort and a fantastic look.

Gate Leather Sandals

When it comes to leather, you can be assured of the quality. It is adorned for its durability, versatility, and flexibility. Gate leather sandals are available in different forms and designs. Moreover, these sandals are suitable for both summer and spring. You can pair these sandals with casual or funky clothes in summer; or wear a floral print gown with such sandals in spring.

No leather flatform sandal

Every form of flatform will amaze you. The use of no leather flatform sandals is one of the ruling spring trends in 2021, which has been steadily taking the modern world back to the trends of the last few seasons. You can try this one with formal dresses like trousers or any casual attire.

Casual two-strap sandals

This is an age of minimalist approach. Like everybody else, you, too, might want to gain maximum attention. Therefore, you can go for a minimal and effortless look. Casual two-strap sandals justify the modern minimalist approach in the truest term. These super comfortable sandals are the best bet for office goers, and you can also wear this sandal while going outside for shopping or outing with your friends.

Chunky two-strap sandals

Unlike flatforms, a chunky two-strap sandal design is combined with modern-age demand for comfort. Many brands are experimenting with this pattern to bring unique designs. This type of sandal is best suited for breezy dresses and outfits designed for vacations.

Cosy leather sandals

If you want a combination of quality and comfort, this can be the best bet for you. This cosy leather sandal will last a long, and you can wear it with your regular dresses. It can be paired with any casual attire such as jeans or shorts.


This trend is included in the bucket list of every woman for the past few seasons. Now hardly you will find a woman’s closet that doesn’t contain at least a pair of flip-flops. This design is comfortable as well as elegant.

Toe-loop style

Toe loop design is the favourite of today’s fashion-crazy ladies. This design highlights the crisscrossing feature and other strappy details. These shoes can be used for office meetings or party evenings.

Have you decided which design of ladies shoes your closet needs the most? If not yet, pick your favourite one and add it to your closet. The outside world is waiting for you. Get prepared to look great while going outside after a long time.

Mia Johnson
Mia Johnson is a writer with a ten-year long career in journalism. She has written extensively about health, fitness, and lifestyle. A native to Melbourne, she now lives in Sydney with her 3 dogs where she spends her days writing and taking care of her 900 square feet garden.


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