Thanks to Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, we have one of the most comfortable and versatile clothing pieces – JEANS! They have been around since 1873 and are here to stay. There have undoubtedly been many versions of the pants since then, a few a little more controversial than the others. However, given their versatility and durability, they are still a best-selling item. Jeans from certain brands, like Sandro jeans are very popular because of the quality they offer.

Keep scrolling to know more about different styles of jeans and types of washes.

●      Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are characterised by how they fit. They are figure hugging starting from the waist and continuing down to the ankles. Since they are narrower at the end to accentuate the legs, they typically consist of stretchy fabrics or elastane, as they call it. Skinny jeans can be found in all types of rises and washes. Many even come with added features like embellishments or slits.

●      Cigarette Jeans

Somewhere in between slim and straight jeans are cigarette jeans! These are neither complete fitter nor completely relaxed. Fitted around the thigh and waist areas and looser around the calves, and often cropped, these jeans are comfortable yet chic. They always showcase the ankles, dress them up with some lace-up sandals to accentuate the legs, or dress them down and make it effortlessly casual by pairing them up with flats or mules.

●      Straight Fit Jeans

Very Similar to cigarette jeans, straight fit jeans usually stretch past the ankles. Like skinny jeans, one can find them in various rises, washes, and looks.

●      Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans have grown in popularity in recent years and are typically knee-length with loose calf-length openings. These will quickly become a person’s favourite option if they are looking for breezy and lightweight pants. Pair it with sandals, flats, or sneakers, and call it a day!

●      Classic Wide-legged Jeans

These jeans are a perfect match for those who want the comfort of wide-legged jeans but do not like them cropped. They look fantastic in darker shades and washes. One can pair wide-legged Sandro jeans with a belt for an added flair.

●       Straight jeans

These jeans are generally high waisted and resemble “mom jeans”. They are a great pairing with crop tops, shirts and are super trendy. With a uniform loose fit, they are perfect for semi-formal occasions too.

●      Boyfriend jeans with a low

High-waisted jeans have taken over the fashion industry by storm, but low rise jeans have not been wiped out yet. They are making a comeback. With a zipper and button closer that rides just above the hips, these are great if one does not like high-waisted pants.


Now that the different types have been adequately explained, it is time to move on to the different washes that jeans are available in.

There are many types of washes. Denim washing is a method through which different types of denim get their wear-in appearance. It is done during the manufacturing process to give the pants a variety of hues, patterns, and fading appearance.

Denim washed jeans are lighter and more versatile than unwashed raw jeans. The light wash is an especially common look because it creates a fading, light-blue appearance.

Jeans with a medium wash lie somewhere in between light-washed jeans and unwashed raw denim. They have a soft, faded look without being completely washed out.

Pumice stone and chlorine bleach are used to produce acid wash jeans. These jeans have colours that are speckled across the fabric and have great contrasting value. It’s an excellent casual choice.