Dental Care For Infants and Children in Thornton


Whoever you are, good dental health is crucial for everyone starting from infants, toddlers, and children to adults, as the habits developed during this time set the foundation for lifelong oral health. It is important to remember that those primary teeth play a vital role in speech, chewing, and guiding permanent teeth. This is why maintaining healthy teeth is essential for children’s overall well-being. In case you are curious as a parent, here are some dental care tips for infants and toddlers. If you need more advice, get in touch with a Thornton adult dentist.

Focus on maternal health during pregnancy:

Since infant teeth start growing during pregnancy and are fully developed before birth, maintaining good dental health is essential. Pregnant women frequently have oral health problems, such as hormone-related gum disease and cavities, dietary changes that increase the risk of cavities, acid erosion on teeth caused by morning sickness, and difficulty brushing and flossing owing to sore gums and nausea.

Oral hygiene of the baby:

Bacteria that can be passed from adults to children result in cavities. Sharing saliva, using shared utensils, or sharing pacifiers can spread these bacteria or germs to newborns even before they have teeth. Avoiding saliva sharing with your infant from the beginning is essential if you want to prevent cavities. Use a clean, soft washcloth to gently wipe their mouth and gums each day before their first tooth erupts to eliminate sweets and instill proper dental hygiene practices.

Healthy diet:

Teething can start as early as three months old but usually starts around six months. Once teeth are visible, brush them twice daily with a little, soft-bristled toothbrush and a dollop of fluoride toothpaste the size of a grain of rice. There are solutions to soothe your baby’s teething discomfort. Baby teeth can become carious, especially after extended exposure to sweets, a condition known as “baby bottle tooth decay,” so it’s important to practice good dental hygiene. To avoid deterioration, stay away from adding sugar to bottles and take them out at night.

Final thoughts:

Early dental appointments are essential for maintaining good oral health. Children should visit the dentist for the first time before their first birthday or within six months of receiving their first tooth, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. For oral health to last a lifetime, education and prevention are essential. Consult a dentist today in Thornton to learn more.

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