Everything You Need To Know About Drivers Ed Colorado


About Driver’s Ed Colorado

It is an online course that will help you easily and quickly through state-specific questions and available easy to comprehend answers. Driver’s Ed Colorado is an online course; thus it is convenient and time-saving. You can study whatever time is convenient for you. Besides, it is has a DMV approval.

Driver’s Ed Colorado is approved by DMV which means the learner will get comprehensive training on what they need to know to get a CO driving license.


  • You must be 15 years old and above
  • Must complete at least 30hours classroom lessons
  • You must finish 12 hours training by your parent, or alternatively 6 hours professional driving
  • Minimum of 50 hours logging to driving practice

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this course, there are different requirements depending on your age. It is mandatory for any person between the ages of 15 and 15 and a half to underrate this course if they are looking to get a driver education permit.

For individuals between the age of 15 and a half and, 16 years looking to obtain a driver awareness permit must complete this course. Alternatively, they can choose to complete the prequalification driver awareness program, four hours.

No official drivers education is needed for those older than 16.coinversley, they get to benefit learning Co driving laws and defensive driving tips.

About the course

Taking the Ed Colorado course teaches you;

  • How you can be a safe driver
  • Crucial driving laws
  • You get to access valuable information regarding passing road skills test
  • Qualify for insurance discounts
  • Get a completion certificate

You can take the course online, or in a classroom depending on the most convenient method for you.

What happens on completion?

If you complete the 30 needed online or classroom hours, you can choose to apply for a Colorado instruction permit. You can go to a Colorado office and;

  • Sit for the written as well as vision tests
  • Show identification
  • Submit proof of having completed the co-drivers education
  • Fill in a liability and guardianship form
  • Pay a fee

Benefits of taking the Ed Colorado course

  1. You get to know the importance of safety

This driving course enforces best practices when driving such as aversion to distraction to keep you alert and safe while on the road. Depending on your area, there may be additional information on driving, for instance, inclement weather or freeway driving.

  1. Parent teaching education

For some states for example Texas, parent teaching education is acceptable and even awarded a certificate rather than the common commercial driving school. Therefore, the child can learn from a licensed parent how to drive as long as the student completes the required amount of hour’s practicing.

Final words

Colorado is a very convenient and effective method for anyone seeking to learn rules while on the road. Besides learning about safety, those not near to commercial driving schools can be guided by their parents; there are insurance companies that offer their insurance at a discount for those who have taken the course.

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