Fashion Is the New Passion for Looking Good and Feeling Good.


Fashion is a very important aspect of today’s modern lifestyle. Everyone wants to look stylish and have the best clothing, footwear, and other accessories. Every month, new fashion trends keep coming up in the market, and people change their likes and dislike accordingly.

It is rightly said that a person’s appearance plays a very important role in creating an impression on others. Fashion and trends are essential for everyone, especially women. Beauty and Fashion go hand in hand and have equal importance in every female’s life. Women never compromise on fashion. In fact, it is the females who keep track of all the new fashion trends.

Let us now identify a few sectors where fashion and the current trends in the fashion industry plays a vital role.

Women and the change in the Fashion Trends:

Women and Fashion are interconnected. There was a period when full-length Kurtis became very popular. Women started wearing full-length Kurtis in different patterns and styles. These Kurtis were worn for every occasion, be it casual, formal, get-togethers or parties. After a few months, the trend of short Kurtis came into existence. Women started purchasing and wearing short Kurtis in different styles for every occasion. And those women who were still wearing full-lengths were considered to have no fashion sense. Same was the case regarding other fashion items like footwear, accessories, bags, makeup, etc. This is how the trend in fashion changes, hence, it is critical that we must keep track of all the updates in the fashion industry so that we are not left behind and upgrade our wardrobe accordingly.

Students and Fashion:

Students are also true followers of fashion. Today’s modern students require all the things which are trending. Colleges are perhaps the most diverse place to spot different and unique fashion senses. They dress very well even if they are going to a nearby park or mall. These students purchase the latest clothes, footwear, bags, and accessories as they want to stay in trends. There is a saying, “Look good to feel good.” With all the stress and pressure in their lives, these students take this very seriously, and they strongly believe that one should look good in order to feel good.

Social Media:

Social Media is a platform which receives the latest news of the fashion world. Nowadays people post nearly everything on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Mostly the younger generation is into this phenomenon of social media. Teenagers click pictures and selfies to share their fashion knowledge with their friends. In fact, this has become the favorite leisure time for teenagers. They check each other’s profiles on social media, advice each other about their outfits and then make changes in their wardrobes in accordance to the latest trends in the market. Their fashion and style define their personality.

Celebrities – Real Fashion Makers:

People residing in cities follow the fashion trends created by celebrities. The celebs always adopt a new look with different outfits and accessories in order to strengthen their characters. New fashion trends keep coming in according to the release of new movies and music videos. Fashion designers start promoting the trend and encourage people to get the same look. Many T-shirts, bags, footwear, accessories worn by celebrities start gaining popularity. Duplicate designs of their outfits are manufactured and sold on hot prices. There is a craze created among the public, and it continues for a long time until a new style statement hits the big screens.

The Western Touch:

In today’s modern world, the western trend is followed like no other. Young men and women, middle-aged people and famous celebrities are seen wearing western dresses. The younger generation wants to stay western and feel western. Jeans, T-shirts, skirts, frocks, short tops, jumpsuits, etc. are loved by females. Western clothing is considered to be more comfortable according to their lifestyle. Thus, it is never out of fashion. Whether it is a casual occasion or formal occasion or even a party, you can never go wrong with a western outfit.

Today, the most prominent centers for fashion in the world are London, New York, and Paris. Whenever a new fashion trend is brought up in the market, it first becomes popular and famous in these places and then spreads to the other parts of the world creating a lot of craze among the public. Hollywood and Bollywood are also a major fashion in creating factories. Fashion changes with time and place.

In big cities, many fashion shows, parades, and exhibitions are held throughout the year. It is a very important occasion for all fashion designers. Famous fashion designers launch their exclusive collections. Famous actors, pop-stars, and models are chosen to walk the ramp wearing beautiful outfits and accessories in order to promote their collection. These events are held in five-star hotels.

The word fashion is a Latin word which means way or style.  Given below are some tips to stay stylish and fashionable:

  • Be Active on Social Media
  • Read Blogs and Articles on the Internet
  • Read Fashion Magazines.
  • Go Shopping
  • Classic Jeans are never out of Fashion.
  • Watch Fashion shows.
  • Create your own Style statement.
  • Comfort is Important.
  • Create Fusion.
  • Accessorise as much as possible
  • Wear nice Shoes. People notice your Shoes first.
  • Try something Different and Innovative.
  • Watch Videos and Tutorials.

The above tips can be followed to stay classy and trendy. But this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money to be fashionable. Every day plan your outfits, get up, dress up, stand in front of the mirror and say, “You are beautiful.” This will boost up your confidence. This is primarily what platforms such as Zula promote.

Fashion is very important in our life. Even if you can’t afford expensive clothing and accessories, it does not mean that you are not fashionable. You have to analyze yourself and get to know what suits your body.

Being fashionable is being yourself. It is not necessary to copy fashion from famous celebrities. You can always make something great and creative. Fashion is not only clothes and accessories, but it is also the way you carry yourself in the outfits. People should maintain their own personality and individuality.

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