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How Investing In A Moving Company Can Save Your Friendship


Above everything else, we always know that we can trust our friends. You probably have that one buddy who has been with you through thick and thin. They always come through when it counts, and moving is no exception. It makes sense that you would feel tempted to save some money by enlisting your friend’s help in moving; we’ve all done it. Moving is a long and painful process. Surely you’d think that using your friend’s pickup will save you time and money. But what if I told you that using your friend’s truck could cost both of you more in the long run. Handling a move the quick and cheap way does not just put your belongings in jeopardy; it can have negative effects on your personal relationships as well.

Lack of Proper Equipment and Expertise

The two largest issues with relying on your friend for your move is that both of you, more than likely, lack the kind of skill, experience, and equipment necessary when hauling your precious cargo. Ask yourself if your friend’s truck has the proper fastenings to secure a moving load. What types of restraints do you have in place to ensure your furniture and packages won’t be damaged during the drive? What about the act of packing itself? Do you and your friend understand how to properly load a truck in order to maximize space without cramming your luggage in? These are important questions to consider within themselves, but before you can even get to that step, do you and your friend know how to properly lift packages, and what kind of clothing is ideal for moving conditions?

These are questions that the average person may not consider when in a rush to move. The novice mover tends to make careless mistakes, but that is normal because you do not have the proper training and experience that an expert mover would have. There is a reason that companies like North American Van Lines have spent so many years training their staff for long-distance moves. Packing and moving improperly can cause severe damage to your property, in addition to the physical harm it may cause.

Overall Cost

While the cost of moving may seem to be more expensive outright, you have to remember that the sum you pay to movers accounts for any and all expenses up front. Whatever you pay a mover in advance typically covers the cost of labor and mileage. This may not be something that you consider when driving back and forth from point A to point B. Thanks to the side-by-side comparison boards you can find through FuelEconomy.gov, you can get a better understanding of just how much you have to spend using the average pickup. Here you’ll see that the cost to fill a 26-gallon tank varies from 55 to 62 dollars. This may not sound like a lot initially, but also keep in mind that some pickups aren’t equipped to cart large loads over the course of a long distance trip the way a moving van would, so your truck will have to expel a larger amount of gas than normal. This, coupled with the fact that you will have to make multiple trips, means you could possibly end up spending a great deal more. Especially when you factor in that most moving companies will negotiate a price with you. This article from Living in this Season provides some great tips on how to properly negotiate a moving price with your local company and what factors to consider when doing so. With the right approach, you could save money and avoid putting more mileage on your friend’s vehicle.

Compensation for Injury/Property Damage

It would be great if things went smoothly and your move turned out perfect. Sadly, we all know this is not a perfect world. Even when relying on the most experienced movers, sometimes accidents happen. This may have you saying, “If that’s the case, I could just rely on my friend,” but there is a very large difference in what happens when your property accrues damage from a professional versus through a friend. When you hire on a company to cart your items, there are a number of legally binding waivers both parties are required to sign to ensure that they are liable for property damage. In most cases, you can file a damage claim and get some type of compensation. If your friend damages your property, you may be less likely to take legal action. In the event that you do, there’s a lesser chance you’ll see repayment and it can make your relationship tense. Penny pinching doesn’t benefit anyone if it comes at the expense of your relationship.

Moving is no doubt stressful, and the temptation to get it done quickly will always be present. You may have a solid friendship, but in order to keep your friend and their truck in one piece, sometimes shelling out for a professional mover is the right way to go. We promise that your friend will thank you!


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