Are you going to start a new business or recreate your old office? The office lounge is the first place to be seen and noticed by the visitors, clients, colleagues, and customers. The first impression should be the best and impressive for potential clients. You also need to provide the best place for your employees to take a break and spend their time for lunch and relax. The employees would be able to work with more creativity and productivity. Before deciding about design and décor for your office lounge, keep in mind the people who will stay and spend time there. Office lounge or reception area speaks a lot about the company or organization as it depicts the beliefs and values of the company so it needs to be designed and decorated carefully. The office lounge should be remarkably versatile and fulfill all the requirements. Designing an office lounge is not just to put some chairs or sofas there but many more. Some of the easy things can be found here office furniture houston this can be helpful to design office lounge are discussed here.


One of the most important things in the office lounge is the sitting area. There must be comfortable seating arrangements for the people to accommodate at any time. Seating may include comfortable and easy chairs or couches. The table is extremely necessary. Provide the lounge with big center table to let workers or people to work on a laptop or eat in their break time. Choose wisely the color combination of furniture with the walls, rugs, carpet, ceiling, and curtains.  

Color combination

Choose the most relaxing colors for lounge which creates a professional environment and to provide comfort and peace to eyes of employees or any visitor. Choose two or three colors combination. Don’t go for more than three colors. Avoid bright colors which discomfort your eyes. Look for neutral and soft colors such as white grayish shades, green or blue. Make a good color combination of carpet, furniture, walls, and curtains.


Try to use dark color carpets for office lounge. It is used to be a busy area with many people visiting there. The dark color will be more suitable. Layout design carpets will create the more professional look of the lounge. As compared to plain floor, carpets and rugs will look more comfortable, relaxed and reflects professionalism. It would also prevent the floor from staining and damaging.


Bringing plants in your office lounge will create a more natural look in your interior. It will elevate the beauty of your lounge and enhance the décor of office. In addition to decorative advantages, plants also help to keep the balance of oxygen level in the air. It will help to fresh up the indoor air and let you breathe in good quality air. Carefully decide the place of plants. Try to put the plants away from seating area because there are possibilities that any person visiting office can be allergic to plant. Try to use portable plants. It will become easy to move plants from one place to another.

Wall décor  

Decorate the walls with modern and fashionable wall paintings or wall art. The office would look more appealing and attractive for people visiting the office. The painting can be any wooden piece of art, abstract art or painting of your interest or taste which can enhance the look of office lounge. You can also display your awards, achievements, certificates or any license on lounge walls to let your guests know about it if your lounge is open to the public. The people would have a better idea of your professionalism and business.  


Light is the most important factor for proper working in an office and must be kept in mind before designing office lounge. The dark place can produce vision disorders and depression. For the office lounge to be a perfect place for visitors and employees to work, it must be properly lit with white lights. Wide windows can also serve the purpose by letting natural lights come inside at day time. Proper lights will help everyone to stay focused and inspired. Poor lights can cause many problems such as fatigue, bad vision, and stress.


Decorative and catchy ceiling fixtures are now mostly used in an office lounge to enhance the overall look. Chandeliers are the light fixtures which can lift up the style of any room. There are many types of ceiling fixtures including glass, candles, and crystals. You can choose any one which suits your lounge.


In the office lounge, don’t let your visitors and clients get bored while sitting and waiting there. Place some computer or mount LED TV on the wall to let your guests have a look at highlights. Giving access to wi-fi is another suitable option. It will let your clients check mail and look for highlights easily.


Add necessary accessories to the office lounge which may be proved to be useful for guests. It can be a coat hanging rack, to put wet coat or umbrella. The availability of water in the office lounge or waiting area is necessary. These small things will keep your clients and guests relax and comfortable.