Isle of Dog – How to Care for Your New Puppy


You just got a new puppy and are very happy but concerned. Taking care of a puppy is a job that requires knowledge about what best to do in all puppy relates situations these include cleaning, feeding, cuddling, and play.

In spite of your nervousness you can gain comfort in the fact that people all over the world get puppies and do great jobs raising them to fine adult animals. So you can relax and feel positive that you will be a great parent. In order to make sure you do a good job, here are some tips for you to follow:


Grooming includes making sure the puppy is clean and brushed. Puppies have sensitive skin and usually shorter hair than adult dogs so you need to make sure any products you use are appropriate for young dogs. Companies like Isle of Dog make a range of dog shampoos, conditions that clean gently and produce a healthy and shiny coat on long and short hair dogs. Their products will produce great results for all types of dogs. They even have a waterless shampoo that towels of in the event your puppy is very young and you are reluctant to put it in water.  

Food and Water

You should purchase food and water bowls that are easy to clean and durable. When cleaning you can put the bowls in a dishwasher or use soap that will kill the bacteria that may accumulate from the water or food left standing in the bowl. Do not leave water in the water bowl for more than half a day but make sure it is constantly filled and available for the puppy.


Many people choose to let their puppy sleep with them and depending on how big the puppy is, this may be viable. However remember a puppy is like a baby with no diaper so you can expect to have a wet bed on more than one occasion. A better idea is to get a dog bed and line if with plastic then place a cushion or blanket between the plastic and the dog. You can place the dog bed right near yours. In a short time the puppy will know that when you put it in its bed that it is time to sleep.


Dog food is a subject where you need to spend extra for the best quality high calorie puppy food designed for only for them. Puppies need the proper nutrients so they grow into healthy dogs. Ask your vet for his choice of a good dog food for your breed. Also do not feed the puppy human food from the table. When dogs learn to eat from the table they never stop and table food will not provide the proper nutrition for a growing puppy.


Early on, puppies are usually very active and can generally get enough exercise around the house without going for a walk. However if you have a very small place, you may need to take it out for a short walk a few times a day. This is also how you begin to each the dog where to go to the bathroom, so in the first four months walks will be a requirement. So look to buy a collar and leash that fits the type of dog you own. In the meantime make sure that you have plenty of dog toys for your puppy. They love toys that they can chew and chase, so get a supply of both.

One more thing to purchase is treats for your puppy. You can use these to reward it for good behavior and when you are training it. Remember to get smaller treats that the puppy can chew and swallow. Congratulations on your new dog, you will be a great parent!


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