James Bond Island Tour: The Best Parts and Negative Parts


James Bond Island (originally known as Khao Phing Kan) is one of those bucket list items tourist always tick-off when they’re in Phuket. Though the Island appeared in the James Bond famous movie called ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ there are certainly many positive and negative points you’ll observe when you actually go for James Bond island tour. Even forty years later James Bond Island tours by speedboat cruises, long tail boat, and sea canoes remain a major attraction for tourists Phuket.

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James Bond Island Tour – The Best Parts

  • The place and the surrounding area near James Bond Island are out of the world! The James Bond Island is in Phang Nga Bay and even the speedboat from Phuket Island through the stunning limestone precipices is amazing.
  • James Bond Island itself is extremely scenic. It’s a combination of great photo opportunity and a natural curiosity and this is the reason why it was selected for the movie.
  • It’s always a fun and a great to see the actual thing from a movie, though old, but to realize there is no way to the mystery refuge!
  • It is a part of nice one day trip to the above listed fabulous Phang Nga Bay and it typically includes a lunch at the amazing floating village of Koh Panyee.
  • You can buy a delicious flat dry squid!

James Bond Island Tour – The negative Parts

  • James Bond Island is a major tourist attraction in Phuket and the place is full of vendors selling a wide range of souvenir, just like everywhere around the world.
  • The place is full of the crowd at high season… lots of long tail boats and tons of people posing before the rock; you know the ridge shot similar to Italy’s Pisa Tower.

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