Revisit Why You Fell In Love With A Ford In The First Place


The Open Road

Being able to drive an automobile is a luxury that many of us take for granted today. We view it as a rite of passage as opposed to a responsibility we should not take lightly.  Many feel that at a certain age you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, take a test, show your skills and then pick up your license and hit the street. At Indianapolis Ford dealerships we will show you how to gain a respect for the privilege of driving. Being able to take to the open road whether you need to clear your head, get out and get some fresh air or just need some quality alone time, getting into your car and taking off is great. Some people are not physically able, or financially set to have access to their own car. Ones who have that luxury should consider themselves fortunate.  

Great Machines 

Indianapolis Ford dealerships salesman and staffers have a great appreciation for the cars they represent. With a vast inventory of new and certified used cars there is no doubt they are key in marrying you with the car of your dreams if you give them a chance. Ford cars are known for their reliability and good looks. With the experience that has been around since 1908 when Henry Ford decided he wanted to start a car company, we carry that mantle to every purchase we stand behind today. Ford has been synonymous with all things excellent for well over one hundred years and counting.

Indianapolis and Ford – A Winning Combination

The beautiful terrain of Indianapolis lends itself well to driving a beautiful car like a Ford. With not many elevated hills in the capital city of Indiana, there are miles and miles of beautiful level road to cruise on. If you want to head over to gaze out onto a gorgeous body of water, take a trek in your Ford to Indian Lake, Geist Reservoir, or Eagle Creek Reservoir.

The 99 communities that comprise Indianapolis is the core of who we proudly serve. No matter what your automobile needs are we guarantee you will find a match at any one of the Indianapolis Ford dealerships. From a compact Festiva to an expansive Expedition, we have you covered. It doesn’t stop there.

Ford has your vehicle if you’re in business as well. We have put our know how into trucks, buses, vans and just about any mode of automotive transportation to get your business done quickly and in the excellent style of a Ford.

It’s a partnership between Ford Motor Company, the dealerships in Indianapolis, Indiana and you our respected customers. You will remember why you fell in love with Ford vehicles in the first place as you take to the open road.   

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