There is a dream in every man to ride to work in his own brand new car, but due to the heavy cost of brand new cars only a handful of people will be able to afford them. Most of the time people will finally settle down for a second hand car. So if you are a person considering buying a second hand honda city diesel in Bangalore here are few points to consider.

Pay attention to vehicle history reports

Before purchasing the car of your dreams make sure that you know about its history. Today’s vehicle history reports will tell you about 98% of the details you want to know about a particular car.

It will tell you about the number of accidents, repairs, years and times of servicing etc. These reports can also be downloaded online for free. So before you visit a car dealer, remember to download all the history reports about the car you plan to buy and scrutinize them all.

Don’t forget to negotiate

Just because a particular car is about 8 lacks of INR doesn’t mean that it’s the final price. When you inspect the car and try to negotiate the seller will reduce the price mostly. So don’t forget to negotiate the price before you buy.

The best way to do this is to take an experienced mechanic with you during the inspection of the car. These people will be able to point out even a small scratch that exists in a car, which would make the seller to reduce the price ultimately.

Research about the car online to find out manufacturing faults

Some cars have manufacturing faults in them which even your seller might not know.  So unless you are an expert mechanic, make sure to do some research into the car type you plan to buy. Doing this will save you a lot of money and time and help you get the best car that has least number of faults.