Finding and hiring a lawyer for criminal charges isn’t as simple as it may seem.  In many cases, people being accused of a crime fail to do their homework and wind up with a lawyer who makes the separation even worse.   A criminal defence lawyer’s job is to keep you out trouble and guide you through the complex legal system; therefore it’s essential that you make a wise hiring choice.

If you’re currently being accused of criminal charges, then make sure that you avoid these mistakes when looking for legal representation.

Not Looking At Their Experience

A lot of people think that just because a lawyer has a flashy commercial on tv or their face on a billboard, that they must be good.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fancy billboards and ads won’t win your case in court.  Instead, you should be looking for a lawyer with experience in criminal defense.  A real estate lawyer won’t have the same kind of knowledge and experience.

Not Asking For Referrals

Before you turn to the web or phonebook to find a lawyer, you should ask your family and friends. People you trust are the best resource for finding a good referral.

A lot of people forget that there may be someone in their family who may have had the same kind of legal case.  You may have a fantastic lawyer at your fingertips that a family member can refer you to.

Ask around whether you know someone who might be perfect for handling your kind of case.   At the very least they may know someone who does.

Failing To Interview Lawyers

When you’re looking at candidates for who to hire for your divorce case, you should be asking them the tough questions.  Don’t be too shy to ask important questions like what their experience is on cases like yours. How long have they been practicing law?  What is their success rate? Is the lawyer confident that they can win?

Asking all of these questions early on can save you a lot of headaches later on.  It’s worth getting it out of the way so that you feel confident about your hiring decision.

Settling on a Divorce Lawyer Based on Price

Regardless of your economic circumstances, you should try to do whatever it takes to fund a quality lawyer.  Criminal Defense is incredibly complex. It’s important to put your well-being into the hands of someone experienced and worthy.  

Don’t settle for someone who won’t do their job correctly just because they offer a better deal.

You may be eligible for a grant or pro-bono services.  Try to look into options which are available to you.