5 High-paying Jobs


In today’s world, no matter how much you earn, there is always scope and room for more. Be it the needs of everyday life or one’s own desires, money is the answer for almost everything. In light of this pressing need, it is crucial that one chooses their profession wisely, keeping in mind the long-term benefits for themselves and their families.

High-paying jobs, today, include more than just the conventional ‘doctors’ and ‘engineers.’ While there are people who still get into these professions and make it big, there are other professions that are slowly reaching the same league of promising and desirable careers, such as chartered accountancy, marketing, aviation, and poker. Yes, you read that right. Poker is an extremely lucrative, albeit niche, profession that a lot of Indians are trying out or have already got into as professionals.Sometimes, it takes just one online poker game to change one’s fate or to veer one into an altogether different direction.

Here is a low-down on the kind of money that some of these professions can help you make:

Poker Professional

This profession needs not just understanding of the rules and their application, but also keen observation and the skill for mind games. A well-balanced approach with these prerequisites can fetch one loads of money. So much so, that one could run their livelihood luxuriously on this. How much one can make every year would really depend on the kind of games played and the accrued cash prize.

In the US, an average player can make about $10,000 a year, and with the more games he plays, the earnings can scale up to $1,000,000. In India, this profession is yet to reach the levels it has in the west. But there are takers already who have left well-paying jobs and promising academic courses to make it big in the poker field. According to a report in The Times of India, young players in the age group of 22–25 make up to Rs. 20 lakh easilyby just playing poker tournaments on poker sites in India. All they require are unhindered practice, dedication, and unparalleled skill.


Considering the kind of skills and training that go into the making of an aircraft pilot, and not to forget the risk and responsibility involved in the job, the salary that a pilot can draw is quite high. Apparently, the average annual income of a commercial pilotis about Rs. 2,000,000, a helicopter pilotRs. 1,800,000, and an aircraft maintenance engineerRs. 980,000.

Medical Professional

With an ever-growing population and technological advancements come higher exposure to more illnesses. And this, in turn, increases the requirement for medical facilitates and professionals. Additionally, the skills and the expensive training that this field requires go on to demand adequate returns. Therefore, the medical field is a highly remunerative, as also satisfying, profession. Even at the general practitioner’s level, a professional can make up to Rs. 5 lakh a year. General surgeons and specialists above them mint about Rs. 8 lakh and Rs.1,700,000 a year, respectively.

Chartered Accountancy

This is yet another profession that is not expected to lose sheen anytime soon. The kind of business and financial knowledge that Chartered Accountants (CAs)possess, and more so the skills that they imbibe in applying them in their services, earn them money like nobody’s business. Also, this profession is a highly regarded one, considering the efforts needed to get through the various levels of exams and training. An entry-level CA can easily make about Rs. 550,000 a year, while mid-level and experienced professionals can earn up to Rs. 1,300,000 and 2,600,000, respectively.


Having the knack to showcase the most ordinary product in the most desirable way is the skill of a marketing professional. Done well, this profession can become a super-lucrative career. With the right knowledge and practical understanding, one can start off by joining the best in the business and making about Rs. 150,000 a year. Growing through the hierarchy, the pay scale of a marketing professional can fit in the annual Rs. 500,000–1,000,000 bracket.

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