Spring or summer is on the way and you want your entire house to look, smell and feel like fresh blossoming flowers of the season. However, who has an entire week to handle the spring-cleaning? Well, who said you to spend a week, we say, one hour is all you need. All you have to do is divide your one hour properly to devote your time on one thing at a time. Here are 7 Spring Cleaning tasks to handle in under an hour:


Declutter is the first and basic step to get rid of unnecessary things that you haven’t even used for many months. Well, we are not talking about seasonal clothing and items (so please put them back in their respective places). Look around your house, and without rummaging the drawers or wardrobes, just pick things up that come to your notice.

Sort them into three distinctive categories “throw away”, “keep” and “donate” with proper labeling so that you do not throw away any valuable by mistake. This simple yet heart-wrenching step will help you make space to breathe in not more than 10 minutes.


A little attention to your wardrobe will help you and your clothes feel better. Take out the clothes that don’t belong to the coming season to pack them up in the attic or a closet. Arrange the cloths based on daily wear, office wear or party wear to get some clarity about your wardrobe in less than 10 minutes.

Book Shelve

After a long winter break and reading many books, your bookshelves need your attention. Pick all your books you get your hands on from the coffee table, center table, bedside table, and every other corner of your home. Now sort them into categories like books, magazines, newspapers and every other journal, place them on your bookshelf accordingly.

Vacuum Cleaning

According to Simplymaid, turn on your vacuum cleaner and attend all your furniture from sofa, chair, curtains, and carpet for just 10 minutes. You can vacuum clean the corners of your bed as well. You might need to wear gloves to tend to the pet’s hairs on the carpets and sofa so be prepared for that. Rubber gloves can come in handy to pick pet hairs. Due to the friction it creates, you do not have to struggle much.

Microwave Oven

Surprised to see your sticky and greased microwave oven on this list? Well, if you know a magic potion called bicarbonate of soda then you know what we mean. All you have to do is add some add some bicarbonate of soda to water and spray it on the interiors of the oven (avoid the heating elements). Leave it overnight and wipe it off the next morning in less than a minute.


Stop worrying about the food and water stain on your fridge. Pick up toothpaste and toothbrush to get going. The chemical in the toothpaste is a perfect solution to remove stains and toothbrush will provide the right amount of friction to avoid scratch marks on your fridge. You can place a lemon cut in half inside your fridge to deal with the lurking smell.


Are you already feeling overwhelmed looking at the stains in your bathroom? It will take less than 5 minutes to deal with it. Spray some white vinegar all over the bathroom particularly on the lime scale stains and leave it overnight. White vinegar will effectively break down the molecules in the time being. Wipe it off the next day with some white vinegar on a sponge mop and see the magic.