There are over 10,000 beaches in Australia; that is about 60,00 km of splendid coastlines that encase the Australian continent. From sunny blonde beaches in New South Wales to coral lined bays in Western Australia, Aussies have beaches at their disposal that fit their mood, aesthetic and favourite activities. 

For travellers who have wondered where to buy beer snorkels or which beach to choose, here’s a memorable travel guide about Australia’s beaches, which will help people experience their vacation at their best. 

So, apart from being known as the Outback, Australia boasts of turquoise waters, immaculate white sand, pines and great barrier reefs. And although the list of beaches to visit is limited to a few thousand, the activities one can do there are endless! 

Which Beach to Choose

This is actually a subjective choice, as each beach has its points of attraction, be it about how it looks or the activities it offers. Some beaches are best fit for party animals, like Bondi Beach; some other beaches like Cable Beach might be for people who want to chill in the tranquillity of nature. For some others, all these beaches might sound like the best fit, But worry not; beach-hopping can become a thing! However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that one enjoys the ambience and services of these beaches while following precautions.

Activities You Can Do

As mentioned earlier, the list of activities is endless. Inside water, on the surface of the water, outside water, on land, inside restaurants and pubs; the locations in themselves offer such a variation! So, here’s a list of activities one can enjoy on the Aussie beaches:


Surfers love a good glistening break of the high tide while surfing, and Australian beaches offer precisely that. Surfing is so famous in Australia that there are 100 odd surf schools with experienced surfers who teach tourists and interested students the art of surfing. Meanwhile, Crescent Head in New South Wales is the best spot for some weekend surfing. Surfboards, swimsuits and headgears are all available for hire on almost all the beaches in Australia. Most beaches also have services that offer an introductory surfing lesson for beginners. 


Going underwater might remind one of the Great Barrier Reefs immediately. But Aussie land offers much more than that. Cairns, Whitsunday and Exmouth are all hotspots that offer excellent underwater views. So, the great thing about snorkelling in Australia is that the experience is not limited to tropical reefs but extends to the southern temperate waters. Besides, snorkel suits and breathing tubes are all provided for a fair price, and a trained guide accompanies visitors at all times.

Food and Drinks: What is a beach party without good food and alcohol? And if you have ever wondered where to buy beer snorkel in Australia, here is your answer! Almost all beaches offer a brilliant collection of seafood speciality taverns and cafes with a local display of beer bongs. Beerbongs are the party animal’s way of chugging a beer using a snorkel. These snorkels can be bought on the beaches, or you can order them online. And in the case of games of beer pong, many shops offer self-timed beer snorkels as well. So the next time you wonder where to go, do not falter! Such snorkels also come in fancy colours to spice up the games.

Moreover, the food in these restaurants utilise locally sourced seafood produce with the smell of the ocean. And in the case of fine dining, Michelin star restaurants with continental and local cuisines reimagined are also available.