Come to City of Chicago and Enjoy Local Foods


Have you ever visited Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois? Chicago is known as melting point of different cultures. There are immigrants from different countries like Thailand, China, Poland, Mexico and Italy and you get a good opportunity to eat foods of different tastes.

Book food tours Chicago and enjoy the following famous dishes.

  • Pizza

You must have eaten Pizza from many different places but possibly not tasted Pizza in Chicago style. The kind of ingredients and sausages that are added to Pizza in Chicago makes it very special. There are numbers of places in Chicago you can get to enjoy Pizza.

  1.  Italian beef

Another Italian dish, which you can get in the form of sandwich, is well known since 1938. You may forget about Chicago after few years but you cannot disremember signature sandwich with Italian beef that you tasted here.

  • Hot dog in Chicago style

There is a very complicated history exists for this Chicago style hot dog, which is topped with bright green relish, yellow mustard, tomatoes, chopped onions, kosher pickle spear, pinch of celery salt and sport peppers.

  • Tamales

The history of Tamales is known since 8000 B.C. and it is very difficult to find its original root. You can find this traditional dish at various places in Chicago.

  •  Jibarito

This is another kind of sandwich, which originated in Chicago. They are crowned with veggies, meat and cheese and brushed with garlic mayo.

  • Fried chicken

If you are fond of chicken then you can taste fried chicken at Harold’s Chicken Shack which was established in the year 1950 and now it has franchises in different locations.

  • Donuts

This is another Chicago special item which appeared first time in 1934 World’s fair held at Chicago.

Besides above, you can also taste Cheeseburger, Carnitas, Pierogi, and Malört during your visit to Chicago.

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