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Eight Swim Safety Tips Parents Should Know


With swimming pool season coming to an end, keeping children safe is of the utmost importance to parents everywhere. Here are some important safety tips that every parent should know—and follow—to enjoy pool time to the fullest.

Use a safety cover. Make sure your swimming pool covers meet ASTM standards for Safety Swimming Pools Covers and is U.L. certified.

Provide adult supervision. Do not allow children to swim in the pool without supervision. A responsible adult should be present always and keeping a close eye on the swimmers. This means no cell phone, tablet, or book—and save your landscaping and gardening duties for another time.Inline image 3

Establish pool rules. Sit down with your kids and establish some pool rules. Some excellent examples are: no swimming without an adult present, no running by the pool, never opening a latched gate, and no diving in the shallow end. Make sure they understand these rules, and review them often!

Pursue swimming lessons. Formal, age-appropriate swimming lessons are a surefire way to turn your children into confident swimmers. They will look forward to their time in the pool, and you will relax more knowing your kids are having the best time. Remember that no matter how well your children master the art of swimming, lessons do not replace adult supervision.

Keep the water clean. The pool water should be clean and clear. Test in often and adjust as needed to minimize the risk of earaches and skin irritation. The water should be circulating and filtering properly.

De-clutter the pool area. Chances are, you have a plethora of pool accessories such as toys, floats, and balls. Designate one spot for these toys so children don’t trip over them. And, when you aren’t using the pool, put them away so the kids aren’t tempted to jump in and play with them.

Use pool alarms. There are pool alarms on the market that can alert you when a child (or animal) is in—or near—the swimming pool. A gate alarm uses a magnetic field to sound an alarm when the field is breached. A perimeter alarm activates when a child or animal penetrates the laser field around the pool and surrounding area. Or, put a wrist alarm on your child that will be activated when his or her wrist goes under the water.Inline image 2

Erect a pool fence. A LOOP-LOC removable mesh pool fence is an ideal extra layer of protection for children—as well as pets and other animals—when the pool is not in use. It has a self-closing, self-latching gate and be four feet high, with four sides.

If you follow these safety tips—and remember to never leave children unsupervised—you should be able to relax and enjoy the pool along with your children!

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