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When registering on Facebook, we are invited to answer the security question. This is a way to confirm the rights to the account in case of loss of access to it. Common Questions: What is your nickname? What was your teacher’s first grade name? Where you were born? It can also be any non-standard question invented by the user. Having received such information from a person, we can crack his account using the forgotten password option. For the Facebook hack you need the easiest option and Siczine is the effective option for you.


The secret question does not allow you to easily log into someone else’s FB account, but setting a weak password makes it vulnerable. The most common passwords are the mobile number, nickname, name and date of birth, pet name, name of the girl or boyfriend.

If you want to protect your account, the answer to the secret question should be known only to you, and the password should be sufficiently reliable. It’s good that Facebook has an account lockout period of 24 hours before giving access to someone who successfully answered the security question. This way you can prevent a hacking attempt by logging into your account during the day. In addition, the FB provides an “Notification on Login” option in security settings. Enter your mobile or email and receive notifications when your account is logged in from a new or unknown device.

Easy password capture

This is another common method of stealing Facebook user passwords. Most people are not aware of this method, but traditional hackers use it to hack accounts.

How it works?

In this case, the hacker aims to find out your password on other low-quality websites where you are a member. The fact is that many of us use the same password for several sites, including Facebook. Sites that have a low level of security are poorly protected, and it is easy for hackers to hack your account. In addition, many use the same email address and password for such low-quality websites, thereby simplifying the task for hackers.

Most website developers store passwords in their database in plain text format, without even thinking about encryption or security. Therefore, never trust low-quality sites, and come up with a unique password for Facebook.

Key Logger

This is a software or hardware device that registers various user actions keystrokes on a computer keyboard, movement and mouse clicks, etc. Thus, any confidential information typed on a mobile keyboard is vulnerable to hacking.

How it works?

Hardware key-loggers are miniature devices that can be attached between the keyboard and the computer or integrated into the keyboard itself. They log all keystrokes made on the keyboard. Moreover, the registration process is absolutely invisible to the end user. Hardware key-loggers do not require the installation of any program on the computer in order to successfully intercept all keystrokes. When a hardware key-logger is attached, it does not matter what state the computer is in on or off. The time of his work is not limited, since he does not require an additional power source for his work.


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