Follow These Steps To Recover Your Lost Two Wheeler Insurance Policy


There is nothing like having your own two-wheeler. Riding your bike feels like the sweet taste of freedom, and very few things compare to that feeling. So of course, having your bike insured and safeguarded is a priority. Moreover, it is also mandatory for your two-wheeler to be issued a motor insurance plan according to the IRDAI. But what happens when you lose your two-wheeler insurance?

There are certainly some steps you must take immediately. So here is what you should do in case you lose your insurance policy –

#1 Inform your insurance company

As soon as you come to know that you have lost or misplaced your comprehensive or third party insurance for bike, you must immediately inform your insurance company. This can be either done by contacting them at their toll-free number or send an email about the same. This process needs to be done without any delay so that your insurance company is aware of a misplaced insurance document and can begin with issuing a duplicate insurance policy.

#2 File First Information Report (FIR)

The next step is to file a first information report at the police station that has jurisdiction where your policy is lost. An FIR needs to be filed so that any person who is not the rightful owner of the policy document cannot file a claim. The copy of FIR needs to be enclosed along with the application form to your insurance company.

#3 Place advertisement in newspapers

You will be required to issue an advertisement in the newspaper that is circulated in your state. It is required so that anyone who comes in possession of such misplaced insurance policy can return if found. Note that any expenses related to such advertisement shall be required to be borne by you.

#4 Write an Application to Your Insurance Provider

Apart from intimating to your insurance company, a formal application needs to be submitted for loss of bike insurance policy. This process is required in case of offline applications. Mention details like the policy number, name, type of coverage, etc. Attach the first information report filed along with this application too.

#5 Sign an indemnity bond

The last step for an offline application is to sign an indemnity bond. This indemnity bond is required to be registered and authorised by a notary official. This bond shall also be required to be submitted at the time of submitting your written application.

While the process for offline application is slightly elaborate, the online general insurance application process is straightforward and hassle-free. You need to visit the insurer’s website and select the type of policy. Provide the necessary policy details and verify the application for a duplicate insurance document. On successfully verifying these documents, you can view, print or download or your duplicate insurance policy.

This is how you can recover your lost bike insurance policy. You need not worry much as the online process can quickly give you access to a duplicate insurance policy. However, you need to be careful in preserving these documents so that there is no difficulty when making a claim.

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