Giving a normal life back to an accident victim by giving them wheels


The worst part of undergoing a catastrophic injury where you might have lost your limbs is to be dependent on someone physically and not being able to move around as freely as you used to before.

Accidents happens by god’s will and are unfortunate but humans have no control on that and all that can be done is to make the post accident life of an individual lively and mobile.

At Bussani mobility, John Bussani who started the company in 1974 had the same thing in mind. The mobility vehicles sold and rented by this company are sold with a vision of making hundreds of lives comfortable back again after an injury or a disability.

The thought inception

John Bussani himself suffered an accident and was taken to an army hospital where he saw hundreds of people struggling in their daily lives because of such accidents.

Rent or buy a mobility vehicle

The company operates in New York City and within the city if you need to go somewhere, they guide and advise you with the vehicle that you can use or the one that can carry you with your wheelchair.

For over 40 years, they have been renting, servicing and selling wheelchair accessible vans and their team of professionals takes care of all the insurance related issues for you. They even give you installment options.

The 24 hour emergency assistance works efficiently and reaches you as fast as possible and helps you out. Whenever you feel like changing or upgrading the vehicle you can contact them again and the services will be provided at your doorsteps.

The company is doing a noble thing by helping people with disabilities and making their lives come back to normal by making them reach places.

Buy online

With just a click of your laptop you can buy the vehicle according to your needs and the servicing facilities are also available. The team is very dedicated and the enquiry that you need to do before buying something online can be done by just reading the reviews of the customers. That is the best way to enquire about the credibility of any company.

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