A Guide on How to Look up Arrest Records


If you are a U.S. Citizen, then you now have the right to view arrest records. Naturally, this is only true for public records, which most of them are. This came into force when the Freedom of Information Act was passed, which was put in place to ensure people could take ownership of their own personal safety. That being said, you cannot simply enter a name in Google and hope that you find all their skeletons in the closet. Rather, you need to know how you can view public records, what the different methods are and their individual pros and cons, and why it is so important that you are protected yourself.

Understanding the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act

The FOI Act was perhaps one of the greatest demonstrations of democracy in recent history. It has provided us with fantastic personal liberties, namely that we are allowed to run a background check on someone we have concerns about. In the past, you would only be able to read arrest records by physically going to the arresting department. Today, however, a huge database is maintained in Washington DC.

Naturally, not everybody is able to go to Washington DC either, and scour through millions of records. This is why a lot of online databases have now been created that access this information, and that you can access from anywhere in the country. There are many such databases available, however, so you do need to make sure that the one you choose is accurate. The best ones provide a full money back guarantee, so that you don’t run any risks in trying them. Of particular importance is that you check your personal data is protected as well. These services are usually not free. However, can you really put a price on being safe yourself?

Why it Matters

Many people have a degree of experience with the public arrest records programs. Because so many people now engage in online dating, there has been a growth in people who have been “catfished”. This means that they are fooled into believing they have met the love of their life when, in reality, the person they are talking to is someone completely different. Luckily, thanks to various public campaigns, people are now aware of this and its dangers, and this has also given rise to the number of people who use lookups before taking things further.

Television programs such as Catfish have clearly demonstrated how many con artists are out there, but also how easy it is to look them up. Today, you no longer have to phone in a reality TV show if you have concerns about an online date, a new employee, or a neighbor. Rather, there are a variety of tools available to you online, at a very affordable price, where you can get any information you need. Keep yourself safe at all times by viewing records that are publicly available, you owe it to yourself.

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