How to Use the Cheat Codes for Flash Based Video Games


At a time when the internet was slowly growing into a portal for information, Future Splash Animator/ Flash came in as a rescue tool to help web pages and media with better functionalities.

Besides media, Flash also makes up a significant part of the gaming industry. In the early 2000s, Flash-based video games were all the rage. From being introduced on web portals like Armor Games, Newgrounds, and Kongregate, Flash gaming blew up big, and it still has a good appeal among the gamers.

Like any other video game, applying video game cheats to a Flash-based game does not come easy. However, with a reliable game cheat and process, you can use the cheat codes rather successfully. 

Follow the steps given here and find the hidden tricks in Flash-based video games.

Download and Set Up the Software

Firstly, set up the required cheat engine. To do this, you should either download and install any of the best cheat engine programs or download an adware-free portable version and extract the .rar file to launch the software.

Then, according to the type of cheat engine you are using, carry out the necessary steps to launch the game.

If You Are Using Internet Explorer

If you are using the Cheat engine program, you can effortlessly use the codes and hack the game even on browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and more. 

When it comes to Internet Explorer, you will usually find two or three processes in the process list. So, the final step is to take the lowest processes shown in the list. So, for example, if there are three iexplore.exe processes in the list, you can either try the last one or the second one to hack the game.

If You Are Using Google Chrome

On Google Chrome, it becomes challenging to identify the correct extension or tab to open in the Cheat engine program. One simple method to do this is by accessing the task manager tab and noting down the listed process ID of the Shockwave Flash plugin.

Then, use an online Hex convertor to switch the ID into Hex. Once done, open the Cheat engine program and find the process that matches with the converted Hex value.

If You Are Using Mozilla Firefox

In the case of Firefox, it usually loads the Flash player into external plugin-container processes. And, the latest versions may load two different processes in the list in a standard format, namely, FlashPlayerPlugin_ {version}.exe. 

While using this browser, make sure to open the process with the lowest value in FlashPlayerPlugin.exe. 

Following these steps religiously to the T will help you use video game cheats and ace any flash-based video games successfully. 

Even though Adobe pulled Flash Player out of action in December 2020, there are still many Flash-based video games circulating through open-source software to cater to the gaming needs of people like you. 

If you play Flash-based video games even now, then these tricks will help you hack the game and unlock rewards in the form of game coins, extra lives, and more.

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