At the end of a long, cold winter like Toronto, Ontario is prone to; many people opt to spend their March Break in warmer destinations like the Caribbean Islands or Mexico. The hot sunny beaches and perfect turquoise waters in these locations help satiate Canadians’ Vitamin D and relaxation needs until summer hits several months later. If you’re like the millions of Canadians who choose to fly south each winter, then you’ll also probably recognize the need to look good on your vacation.

In this digital age of technology, most people take hundreds if not thousands of photos on their week or two week long destination escape, creating memories that will last a lifetime. When you look back on all the amazing things you did and sights you saw, you won’t want to be embarrassed about how you look or your body. To avoid any shame you might feel later on, why not take a fun class that is guaranteed to whip you into shape for your vacation? Reclaim your body and self-confidence and take charge of your life with a new workout like the ever-popular boot camp fitness class. Apart from looking great, there are a lot of other reasons to exercise including an increase in energy and improved overall mental and physical health.

Boot Camp is a style of fitness class that promotes strength gains and fast weight loss through a variety of intense interval training exercises over a set period of time, usually about an hour. Even though there are slight differences in the activities boot camp fitness classes offer in Toronto Ontario, most of them will include a variation of: running, lifting weights, pushups, sit-ups, squats, plank, jump training, and stretching. Even though these activities can be strenuous, the team atmosphere of the class tends to make it fun all the way through.

If you’ve never tried boot camp before, the best way to try this style of fitness class for the first time is to attend a pay-per-use gym. If you’re not sure where to go, the most popular and versatile pay-per-use gym that offers boot camp classes in Toronto is Striation 6. There, you can try some of the top rated boot camp classes in the city, with very little risk. If you only have a few weeks before your vacation, then simply drop in and do as much as you can before your trip. This way, you get all the immense benefits of group workouts, without any financial burden locking you into a long-term commitment. If you love the classes, you can always opt to continue them after your trip, but if you find they’re not for you then you’re not stuck paying out of your wallet every month.

For the best boot camps, opt for a gym that offers dedicated and certified personal trainers and fitness coaches. Nothing makes a gym attractive like having dedicated professional coaches that will encourage you and other fitness participants towards being respectful and compassionate with one another and to also be enthusiastic towards your fitness goals. Only a few gyms offer all the benefits listed above in Toronto Ontario, but it will be very beneficial for you to take the time to find one of them.