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Tips on How to Turn Your Old School House into a Modern House


Giving an old fashioned house a new look is never easy. It requires a period of proper planning and adequate research. Just as the model of the house is old fashioned, the appliances and furniture are no better.

Renovating a home has never been fun due to the high number of activities involved. The materials included in the renovation come with a vast financial requirement. However, keep the renovation as simple as possible, or else it will turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Below are tips on how to turn your old school house into a modern house.

Engage the Family

One of the mistakes that home renovators make is leaving out the rest of the family in the whole process. In most cases, men feel that they know everything as it pertains to the home, which is not the case.

Using a solo effort to identify the areas that need renovation will bring future wrangles as you may end up with undesirable features. Although you’re the one financing the project, do not despise the views of other family members.

Decisions in your home should be made through deliberation among the family members. If the views of the family don’t help you, then seek professional advice. You may as well opt for the services of a qualified inspector to ascertain the extent of needed repairs.

Splash on New Furniture

Regardless of the looks that you give the exterior of the house, it will be zero work if the interior is left unattended. Apart from the painting of the walls, your home needs some new furniture, may it be in the living room or bedroom.

There is no doubt that the bed in your bedroom is almost worn-out. The wardrobe looks shaken due to the numerous renovations it has undergone. Give your bedroom a new breath of life by introducing new furniture.

At other times, you arrive home tired, yet it is too early to get to bed. The only way you can rest without inconveniencing the rest is if there is a sleeper sofa. This is good for your living room since it is multipurpose.

When you have a sleeper sofa, you will no longer worry about impromptu visits by friends and relatives. The sleeper sofa is comfortable enough to serve the role of a bed.

Have a Clear Budget

What on earth can you do without a budget? If there is anything, then it must be very useless. Any significant undertaking in your home requires some prior planning. It is for this reason that you will need a clear budget for your renovation.

The renovation should never be a rushed exercise, or else you will end up in a mess. The renovation should be a result of several months or years of saving.  At the same time, it will be meaningless if you set a budget and fail to stick by it.

The budget should always come in at the planning phase. Take note of all the equipment you will need. At the same time, you will need some suspended cash to take care of issues that emerge, yet they were not part of the initial plan.

Handle the Kitchen like It Is Indeed the Heart of Your Home

Modern-day households are centered on the kitchen. Although your house constitutes the old model, you can still give that kitchen a facelift to match the needs of your home.

The first step in renovating the kitchen should be the acquisition of state of the art equipment. These appliances should make your cooking activities easier. At this rate of technological advancements, it will be hard to pick the right machine for your kitchen without adequate research.

However tempting it may be, be sure that you stick to your budget. Some of the devices that your kitchen will need include the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and oven. All these tools will make it easy for you and your family.

The same kitchen will require some furniture. Among the needed furniture are the cabinets as well as shelves. With this, there will be a well-spelled arrangement in your kitchen.

Purchase Other House Appliances

Whether it is in the summer or during the winter, your home needs a water heater. Although the solar power water heating system will be suitable for your home, it will be a big flop during winter. An electric water heater will thus be a crucial acquisition for your new look home.

With warm water, it will be convenient for you in the kitchen. Attending to house chores will be enjoyable when hot water is available. With such systems in place, you will not need a water heater in your bathroom.

Apart from the water heater, there is a window air conditioner. This is a valuable tool for regulating temperatures in your home during the summer. They create a cool breeze, may it be in the kitchen or even in your bedroom.

These same conditioners ensure that there are no bad odors in the room. The best part with them is that they are cheap and easy to install and maintain.

Include Individual Tastes and Preferences

I still don’t understand why we tend to trust other people than ourselves. Although there are some aspects of the renovation that you cannot handle by yourself, don’t let people decide everything on your behalf.

Get busy on-site and do some of the things on your own. If you are too busy for the same, ensure that your intentions are clear so that all the technicalities are planned early enough. 

All the choices that you make towards giving your old house a new look should be centered on the available space. Going for expensive equipment that does not fit into the available space will lead to frustrations that render the whole renovation exercise senseless.

Home renovation is a never-ending exercise. All you have to do is go step by step as you replace the old equipment. Remodeling doesn’t necessarily mean that you demolish whole or part of the structure. Instead, focus more on enhancing the available space.

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