What Causes Temporary and Permanent Hair Loss


You might find a more massive clump of hair clogging the drain or trapped in your hairbrush. You start to wonder if you’re losing your hair for good. 

If you’re from Los Angeles, the sooner you consult with a doctor offering hair regrowth treatment Los Angeles ca, the better for your hair. They can explain to you the reasons behind your excessive and abnormal hair loss. 

How can you say that the shedding is still healthy?

Human hair goes through hair growing and hair falling out cycles. Shedding is normal within these cycles, and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, you can expect to lose around 50 to 100 hairs per day. 

The three natural hair cycles involve the following phases:

  • Growth Phase – lasts for two to seven years
  • Transition Phase – lasts for two weeks 
  • Resting Phase – lasts for three long months, culminating in hair shedding 

The moment you’re experiencing excessive hair loss, visit your doctor. They can run tests to evaluate your condition. According to Medical News Today, female hair loss and male baldness are both called androgenetic alopecia, a condition caused by hormones and genes. 

What are the causes of temporary hair loss?

If your hair loss condition is temporary, you can promote regrowth or avoid such condition altogether by avoiding the following practices: 

  • Tight hairstyles: Cornrows, braids, and very tight ponytails can damage the hair follicles, and consequently lead to hair loss. The follicles regulate the growth of hair, so in this case, hairstyle change can stop hair thinning. Bear in mind, though that severely damaged hair follicles can lead to permanent hair loss. In either case, investing in hair regrowth treatment in Los Angeles CA can mitigate the damage.
  • Extreme Stress: Certain illnesses, surgery, abrupt weight loss, and giving birth can qualify as extremely stressful or physically shocking events that can result in excessive hair loss. 
  • Toxic substances and medical therapies: Radiation treatments, certain types of drugs, and chemotherapy can also trigger hair loss that can strike any part of your body. 
  • Nutrient Deficiency: If you’re not getting enough vitamin B12, protein, or iron, chances are, you’ll experience hair thinning. When you encounter this condition, seek medical advice immediately. Your doctor might ask you to take supplements. 

All these conditions can lead to temporary hair loss unless the hair follicles get severely damaged. 

What are the causes of permanent hair loss?

In women, menopause-related hormonal imbalance can cause permanent hair loss. Female baldness is mostly genetic, and it starts the moment the body’s estrogen level starts to drop. Aside from that, scarring that accompanies any scalp injury can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Combating hair loss

To naturally fight hair loss, remember to get enough hours of sleep, exercise regularly, and keep yourself hydrated. When you experience hair thinning, your doctor might ask you to take iron, biotin, or other supplements. For severe hair loss cases, advanced treatments should be explored. 

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