Computers have drastically changed the lives of mankind that no other device can dream of; it’s the wheel of modern society and life. The greatest invention of the 20th century has a history of 2500 years originated from Abacus, a simple calculator of beads and wire. The desktop computer is the outcome of the technological revolution which made life easy and comfortable for business and personal life. Desktop with internet access brings the world at your fingertips. Computers have given birth to a new generation of profession and business be it online shopping or banking, data analysis, digital marketing or making money online. The computer has a modernized education system. Audiovisual presentation and lectures, PowerPoint presentations have education more effective and understandable.

Most vital part

A business without computer and internet access is like a body without mobility. With the help of computers, companies keep customer data, manage the day to day operation and do marketing and business planning. Anyone with computer and internet can start a business from home. To know more about it log on to reliable sites.Freelancing, data entry or editing jobs can give you some extra income.


The popularity of online shopping is increasing in leaps and bounds as you can compare price, save money time and get goods delivered to your doorstep from the workplace or home. But there is some risk involved in it following a few guidelines lessens the risk. If you are logging to a new website, search beforehand to know if it is secure or not. Before buying read their return and counterfeiting policy and delivery timeline. Secure websites show a padlock sign in their address bar. The address should start with https:// where s stands for security. If you click on the padlock sign, you will get information about the certificate. Always pay with debit and credit card as you receive OTP in your mobile before the transaction proceeds. Use a strong password at least 8 characters alphanumeric password. Hackers and cybercriminals send fraudulent e-mails to obtain your username, password, and other bank details. The email may have an attachment clicking to it installs a malware which gathers all information from your computer. Once the attacker gathers information, he can sneak into your bank account and take away funds or make an unauthorized purchase. These emails look very similar to honorable and reputable companies with minor variance. To know more about safeguarding your computer and another sensitive information log on to any genuine site like