6 Supplements That Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Sleep deprivation is no joke. If you’re desperate for relief from sleepless nights and tired, cranky mornings, here are just six supplements that you can put in your medicine cabinet.

1. Benesom You’ve probably heard about the powers of melatonin, but did you know that passionflower can also help you get some quality shut-eye? Benesom makes use of both of these ingredients, so you won’t have to choose between them. You can reap the benefits of multiple compounds that will encourage you to drift into dreamland.

2. Best-Rest Formula This all-natural supplement is for people who don’t like artificial chemicals. Made with chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower and Valerian root, it’s both vegan and vegetarian, and it won’t trigger any allergies or sensitivities in vulnerable people. It’s completely hypoallergenic, and it’s also a completely organic supplement that can put you to sleep with the help of nature’s purest remedies.

3. PheniTropic Ultra PM PheniTropic Ultra PM will help you get to sleep on multiple levels. For starters, it will calm you down and soothe away any anxieties that might be preventing you from entering a restful state. Then, it will gently go to work on your brain chemistry until it engages with the neurotransmitters that are responsible for sleep. It’s an entire process!

4. Kavinace If you’re done with melatonin tablets that may or may not work, consider this highly-advanced supplement that offers everything from GABA derivatives to inhibitory amino acids to put you to sleep. Kavinace is not sold on Amazon, but you can buy at Accutrition, so it’s just as easily ordered as other supplements. If you hate tossing and turning, let Accutrition help!

5. Bioactive Milk Peptides made with bioactive peptides that are naturally found in dairy products, these capsules can provide a lot of benefits to your body. For example, not only can they promote calm, restful nights, but they can also lower your stress, boost your immune system and improve your daytime cognition. They’re a wonderful supplement that you should definitely consider if you’re looking to feel better in your everyday life.

6. Chronoset Melatonin Formula Chronoset Melatonin Formula was made by some of the first people to put melatonin in sleep aids, so you know that it comes from a smart and trustworthy brand. It might not be the most cutting-edge product on the market, but sometimes, the old tricks are just what you need for a new period of rest. These are just a few supplements that can give you a better night of sleep. If you’re tired of tossing, turning, twitching, snoring or clicking through dozens of channels while battling insomnia, let these supplements help!

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