Artificial grass is very popular and for good reason. Read the information in this blog post provided by to find out why.

No Lawn Mower Required

Installing synthetic grass is a great way to save time. That’s because it eliminates most of the yard work that you’re used to doing. Synthetic grass may look and feel like natural grass, but it’s 100% artificial. It simply doesn’t grow. What you see is what you get, so you won’t need to mow it or weed it. So, not only will you have more time on your hands on the weekend, you’ll have more room in your garage and more money in your bank account.

Save Your Water for Something Else

Synthetic grass doesn’t need water, because it’s not a living material. This means you can get rid of your sprinklers and look forward to a significant savings on your water bill. After all, watering your lawn often is the most expensive element of your water bill.

Great for Dogs

Artificial grass is a great option for the pups in your life. This is because synthetic grass isn’t a hospitable environment for bugs. You should notice a reduction in the amount of fleas in your yard after synthetic grass is installed in your yard. This is good news if your dog spends a fair amount of time in your backyard.

Always Looks Good

The appearance of synthetic grass is not affected by too much sunshine, lack of water, or presence of dog urine. As you may already know, these are the major pitfalls of natural grass. Once you have synthetic grass installed in your yard you’ll never have to worry about scorched grass, dead grass, or urine burnt grass. Your grass will always be a nice piney green. That’s nice to know if you live in an area that gets constant sunshine or little rainfall. It’s also good news if you own a dog.

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