Instant Google street view is an app launched by the Google maps in order to help people with directions and locations like a pro. Initially, Google maps were meant to provide the users with the satellite view and show the satellite directions for the turns to be taken. Expanding the location on the screen would provide people with the nearby popular places and landmarks but then the professional to a step ahead and starting shooting the panoramic view of the streets and locations with trekkers, motorcycles and bicycles so that users can get the most out of it. The panoramic shooting has brought in the ease of seeing the real streets and destinations on a virtual platform like people see pictures of a place before visiting it. This feature is very beneficial for the users because of the following reasons-

  • Visiting a totally unfamiliar place was never as convenient before as people could only imagine the place and what to expect out of it. But instant Google street viewprovides one with the idea of what one would land up with and hence one can plan prior to the visit and take the things that might be needed.
  • People visiting farms and gardens can see the virtual view of the place and wear clothes accordingly. Also, one can find the parking place on the highway as farms does not allow cars near.
  • Most of the hotels and resorts often upload their internal views on the Google web sites and one does not know what the outside look like and what sort of locality is the hotel built on. The panoramic view helps in looking at the surrounding of the place and check for the amenities available nearby.
  • Finding cheap hotels are often a must of people travelling on a low budget but often these cheap hotels are built in not so popular places and hence it is important to check the surrounding, road and near- by areas before making a booking for the cheap hotels.
  • Visiting the clients or some other new work place is made easy as one can see the exact place, find the building and mark the near- by parking spot to make things easy. One does not have to depend upon phone calls and directions from people at all.
  • One can see the restaurants and check the other near- by places to visit while travelling.
  • The lanes and turns can be seen exactly as they get visible while driving and hence one can be prepared in advance so that one does not have to look at the phone screen again and again while driving.

All these above mentioned features makes the Instant Google Street view a very exciting and advantageous application that each and every smart phone user must have to access directions like never before. One can download it for free and start using it to check out the exciting features and pictures of popular places.