Are you the person who does not like to wear dentures? Then you must consider replacing your missing tooth with dental implants. The advantages of better chewing ability, better dental health and improved comfort are the reasons why the dental implants are better than dentures.

Dental implants Melbourne are made of titanium, it is a bio compatible substantial that is observed by the body and sturdy groundwork for replaced teeth. The natural bone locks the implant into by fusing or ascribing himself to the implant. This process is known as osseo integration, it gives the implants constancy and strong point to support replaced tooth, endure daily use and function like some regular teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery Is Safe Or Not?

Of course, dental implant surgery is safe when performed by a trained and experienced dentist. Implant is the strongest device available to support replacement teeth and it allows your replaced teeth to feel, and look naturally.

Dental Implant VS Dentures:

  • Dental implants when compared to dentures, preserve jawbone and help maintain the facial structure whereas dentures decrease jawbone quality and lead to further deterioration of facial structure.
  • Dental implants Melbourne feel, and function like natural teeth but dentures does not function like a natural tooth.
  • Implants are durable, stable, fits perfectly to the jaw but dentures often slip and move around and cause discomfort.
  • Implants help to restore normal chewing capacity whereas dentures restrict the chewing capacity.
  • Dental implants are a long-lasting solution, but dentures should be remade after few years of usage.
  • Implants are easy to clean and maintain whereas dentures need to be removed daily for cleaning.

Benefits of Dental Implants Over Dentures:

One of the most significant benefits of dental implants over dentures is implants replace the root of the tooth and stimulates the jawbone and helps to maintain its density. It also prevents the shrinkage of the jawbone, so the integrity of the facial structure stays intact and helps to keep looking younger.

From the performance point of view, dental implants outshine dentures. Dentures tend to irritate gums and may lead to sores in the mouth. With dental implants, you can eat and chew all the foods like a kid and speak without any fear. Implants bring a level of freedom that is unimaginable for a denture wearer.

Cost Comparison:

Dentures are affordable but you have to buy fixatives, cleaning solutions and replace dentures after few years of usage and the maintenance cost increases. You may think dental implants are expensive, and you cannot afford, but the truth is dental implant cost in Melbourne is reasonable and it is a one-time investment. It is the reason why many choose dental implants over dentures. The technology advancement in dentistry has provided cheap dental implants in Melbourne which has made dental implants affordable to all.

Visit dentist’s website and take all information before making the decision.