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Detroit Tick Control: The Benefits of Engaging a Professional Pest Control Company


The summer months across the globe are known as tick season. Ticks are found all over the world except in colder regions such as Antarctica, Northern Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, and Iceland. Consequently, the onus is on the individual, who lives in a country where ticks and tick-borne diseases are prevalent, to ensure that the ticks in his/her living space are controlled and managed effectively. 

The consequences of being bitten by a tick can be dire because both humans and domestic animals like dogs can contract serious diseases like Lyme Disease from the tick bite. The tragedy with Lyme disease is that it is not always correctly diagnosed. Kenneth Singleton, the author of The Lyme Disease Solution, highlights the fact that “the CDC states that only 5 to 10 percent of Lyme disease cases are actually reported each year by state health officials and physicians.”

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that it is imperative to ensure that your yard and home environment is not a magnet for ticks to thrive. As a result, the question that must be asked and answered is how to manage the tick population in your yard. 

The simplest answer to this question is to hire a Detroit Tick Control specialist to come and spray your yard with chemicals that are designed to kill tick infestations. 

This simple answer needs further elucidation. Therefore, by way of expanding on this succinct answer, here are several points to consider: 

The correct chemicals with the minimum required dosage

Because the pest control company staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and expert at managing pest infestations, they know which chemicals are the best suited to the job. And, they know what dosage and strength to make the chemical versus water relationship. Thus, your home environment will be safe for you, your family, and your pets after the chemical treatment has been completed. 

Preserving the environment 

While the chemicals used to kill ticks are toxic to ticks and other ticks, the pest consultant will ensure that they will do minimum harm to the environment. This includes aspects like whether the pesticide will kill the good insects as well as how long the chemicals will take before they break down and lose their efficacy. Thus, the damage to the local ecosystem will be minimal. 

Professional, expert service versus DIY

The benefits of hiring a pest control specialist versus a DIY effort far outweigh the advantages of your DIY effort. Firstly, as mentioned above, a pest control specialist is indeed a specialist whereas you are not a highly trained expert. Thus, you run the risk of using the incorrect chemicals and the incorrect ratio when mixing the chemicals with water. Consequently, you could end up causing more harm than good to your family, pets, and yourself. 

Final thoughts

Much more can be written on the topic of tick control in your living environment and why you should hire a professional versus doing it yourself. However, the content of this article provides an overview of the benefits of hiring a pest control expert to help you manage and reduce the tick population around your home; thereby, making it safer for you, your family, and your pets.

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