Early Signs of Autism: When to Contact an Autism Specialist?


Autism is an condition that has a drastic effect on human development. A person diagnosed with this may have trouble communicating and relating to others. Though incurable, just like other mental conditions, autism can be managed and people can be taught to live and deal with it. In treating autism, it is important for parents to know some early warning signs that their kids might be within the autism spectrum. Knowing the early warning signs of autism will allow you to have the courage to consult with a specialist immediately. Let’s take a look at some of these signs.

Has trouble relating to others or doesn’t have an interest in other people at all

Normally babies ages 3 months or older start to relate or show interest in other people by smiling or crying. The opposite occurs for babies and kids within the autism spectrum. Those who have autism fail to show the capability to relate and communicate well with other people. Research has proven that by ages 3 months or older, individuals within the spectrum will not show signs of being aware of people in their surroundings.

Prefers not to be held or cuddled

As babies, people within the spectrum will prefer not to be held or cuddled. Though this is not an immediate identification that a baby has autism, as he or she grows up, parents should watch out for instances where most of the time the baby is uncomfortable while being in the hands of someone.

Has extreme difficulty adapting when a routine changes

This sign usually manifests early in the toddler or in the later stages of growth and development. Autistic individuals have an extreme attachment to a particular activity, so much so that sudden changes in their routine and coping up with new activities will be extremely difficult for them. They manifest such difficulties in adapting to routine changes by throwing emotional fits, being less communicative, etc.

Language development delays

Individuals within the autism spectrum find it hard to communicate, not just because of the lack of interest in others but also the lack of the capability to speak fluently. Autism is detected early on individuals who have language development delays. For infants 8 months or older, they may have trouble speaking simple syllables such as dada or mama. For kids and young adults, language delays is often found in their inability to speak complete sentences and basic verbal expressions.

If your child shows signs of the aforementioned symptoms, it is best to seek help from an autism specialist. But what exactly are the advantages of connecting with an autism specialist when it comes to diagnosing and helping people with autism?

Advantages of seeking help from an autism specialist

  1. To properly diagnose the child. Autism specialists have the right methods to properly assess and diagnose if a person really has autism. In some cases, the symptoms of autism are caused by other factors. Autism is not an easy topic for families, and this is why people who specialize in understanding this condition run a series of tests in order to properly gauge if a person is likely to be born with it.
  2. Helps make treatment easier for parents and loved ones. Parents dealing with autistic children on their own can sometimes be stressful and hard. It is easier for parents to take care of and provide treatment for their autistic children with the help of someone who specializes in the treatment of autism. An autism specialist makes it easier for parents to take care of autistic children. With the help of a specialist, parents will know more effective strategies and treatments that they can utilize in dealing with their children.

Autism is not at all fatal, whether or not this is diagnosed and treated early. However, knowing and understanding the early signs is important in caring for and understanding your child or loved one. If identified and treated early with the help of an autism specialist, individuals within the autism spectrum will be able to live fairly normal lives. Don’t feel defeated by autism by fighting it early!

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