Short shorts are not only comfortable to wear, but they also make you look uber hot. Now that the summer months are approaching, you should be adding more short shorts to your collection.

Shorts are mainly popular among young women. If you like to show off your curves and beautiful legs, then what’s better than short shorts. Check out these amazingly hot women in short shorts. These bold ladies are not scared to flaunt a bit extra to the world.

18 Sexy Girls in Short Shorts

Here is the list of 18 girls in short shorts. Check them out.


An Instagram influencer in blue denim short shorts

Image Credit: louise_jayne92

For comfortable home wear, these blue denim shorts are great. They come with elastic bands around the waist to give you the perfect fit.


A stylish girl in booty shorts

Image Credit: musicalhayley

If you are a bold woman like this lady, then these booty shorts could be your perfect match. They are both stylish and comfortable to wear.


A woman in pink hand-woven wool short shorts

Image Credit: aylandhookdesigns

This are hand-woven wool shorts that are new in the market. They create a trendy look and also keep you warm.


A girl in pink satin fabric short shorts

Image Credit: sonipanda

Made of high-grade satin fabric, these shorts come as a part of a night suit. The shorts are elasticated around the waist and have lacy details at the bottom.


An Instagram girl in denim shorts

Image Credit: glam__lady

This type of denim shorts makes the perfect choice for a fun day out. They are neither too short nor too long.


A girl in booty short shorts enhancing curves

Image Credit: modas_amoriim

If you want to show them booty, these short shorts could be the perfect choice for you. It gives you the perfect fit and also enhances your curves.


A cute girl in floral print short shorts

Image Credit: ayshe_s_m

This girl in short shorts looks cute because of her floral print shorts. It is cotton made shorts that are great for home use.


A woman in black and white striped short shorts

Image Credit: barbaraaleks

Black and white shorts, you can grab all the attention you want. They make the perfect choice for a girl’s day out.


A black woman wearing Gym short shorts

Image Credit: melaninbarbietxmodel

These sports shorts could be your ideal to wear to the gym. They are comfortable and are made of breathable material.


A teenage girl in embroidered short shorts

Image Credit: sagemodeling7

This teen in short shorts looks cute. Thanks to her embroidered shorts. It not only looks trendy but also different than usual. These floral shorts comes as a part of a two-piece set. This is a perfect choice for your girl’s sleepover.


A girl in blue denim fashionable short shorts

Image Credit: katieelleng

Whether going for lunch or shopping, these blue denim shorts is what you need. It’s cool and fashionable.


A girl in Yellow booty short shorts doing workout

Image Credit: cielocostumes

In these booty shorts, you can comfortably do your workout and other physical activities, just like this girl.


A woman wearing short shorts while doing exercises

Image Credit: jodi.yogini

For those who love a little extra colour in their life, here you have the perfect sexy short shorts for yourself. They can easily replace your pajamas.


A girl wearing a pair of white shorts during summer

Image Credit: nicolamoniz

These pairs of white shorts are the perfect choice for your summer months. It is beautiful and makes you look good.


A girl in black Lycra short shorts

Image Credit: republic_of_curves

These shorts are highly elastic and great for running and gyming. They are made of double lycra for durability.


A girl in loose top and short shorts

Image Credit: better_trends

This girl in short shorts knows the right way to dress her shorts. Pairing it with a loose top makes the shorts look even perfect.


A woman in soft printed short shorts

Image Credit: Lisa Smith

These printed shorts are great for summers. They are soft and comfortable to wear.


A woman wearing booty high ultra short shorts

Image Credit: jamieluch

Whether relaxing at home or working out, these booty high shorts can make you look hot. They also give you a great fit. If you want something sexy, then these booty shorts are perfect for you. It serves as perfect nightclub wear.

Girls in short shorts look cute and hot at the same time. After checking out so many ladies, you should try some stylish shorts too.