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Maintain Your Water Purifier with AMC Plan


You cannot deny the fact that water purifier has become an extreme necessity of households today due to an increased level of contamination in water. With an increase in water contamination, people have become more concern towards their health, and hence they have started using advanced water purifiers to keep themselves free of water-borne diseases. There are many reasons for which owing a good water purifier is a necessity of today’s time.

Purchasing water purifier is also very convenient these days as along with offline stores most of the prominent water purifiers are also available on several favorite e-commerce shopping channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and others. With purchasing water purification system online, you also get the luxury of delivery of the product at your doorstep, which is very convenient for consumers who remain very busy.

Several companies in India offer supreme and quality water purifiers that can tackle all the contamination and harness related issues of drinking water very efficiently. Blue Star, Kent, Aquaguard, Aquafresh, Pureit, etc. are some of the most prominent names in the water purification industry of the country. Water purifier users should be aware of the fact that taking care and maintaining your water purifier properly is very crucial to make them serve you for an extended period.

To maintain your water purifier most of the dominant companies in water purifier industry of the company offer annual maintenance contract (AMC) plans and you can also avail the same facilities form AMC plans offered by RO care. These RO AMC plans cover all the necessary servicing facilities that are required by your water purifier in its lifespan. Hence it helps consumers to avail the services covered under AMC plan they have bought, whenever it is needed.

Features of an AMC Plan

AMC plan is an assurance of smooth functioning of your water purifier as with continuous filtering of water your water purifier faces regular wear and tear that needs to be fixed at a regular or periodic time interval. Companies offer a variety of AMC packages. Hence customers can make their choice and opt to buy an AMC plan according to their budget and requirements.

An AMC plan covers a range of maintenance related services that include installation of the device, repairing of water purifier, removal or replacement of any damaged filter part, cleaning of equipment, cartridge or membrane changes, and others. After you register for AMC services, you become entitled to avail all the facilities for the period for which you have bought the AMC plan.

Most of the leading companies offer water purifier AMC plan at excellent and affordable prices. Hence customers need not worry about the costs. Services provided under AMC plan are from experts or skilled technicians that have thorough knowledge and understanding of the functioning of water purifier and are well informed about different parts of the purifier. Hence customers can expect genuine services by trained professionals for their water purifiers.

You should also know that along with parent companies, RO Care India also offers affordable maintenance plans or contracts for water purifier. Hence you can also check the reviews of their AMC plans in case it interests you. When you avail maintenance services from parent company spare part replacement is also covered, which is not the same with RO care India. Choosing RO care for procuring an AMC plan can be a good idea if you are looking for a very budget-friendly AMC plan and are not willing to burden your pockets.

Customer Support and Terms & Conditions

You should always consider choosing an AMC plan after doing a little research and going through terms & conditions atleast once, as it can help you make a well-informed decision regarding your purchase. In case of any confusion, you should not hesitate in seeking help from customer care service of the parent company, as they are the ones that can provide you excellent solutions and can help you make better choices.

You should also know that most of the prominent water purifier brands in India are offering AMC services online, which is completely secure and very convenient. To buy AMC plan online, all you need to do is visit the parent company’s website, click on the annual maintenance contract plan option, choose the AMC plan you want to purchase and fill the form, followed by making payment through online payment tools available or only by your debit/credit card.

Buying an AMC plan online along with offering great convenience also help you keep track of servicing date, time, and validity of your project. You can also opt to renew your AMC plan for your existing water purifier. For renewal of AMC plan, you can check the options available along with their prices and then register your request for the same.

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