Montenergo the country of contrasts


Montenegro is a very beautiful country in Europe with a coast of the Adriatic sea in the Southwest and bordered by Croatia to the west. It is one of the best places to travel. It 2007, Montenegro received peak level of tourism. As a result, many roads are built and many hotels are also constructed. Anyone can reach there by plane, car, or train. Montenegro is small in area but has very stunning landscapes, cost lines, beautiful towns, and historic monuments. Bay of Kotor is one of the prettiest and beautiful bays in the whole world. The people of Montenegro are known as Montenegrins and are very hospitable and welcoming to visitors.

Places to visit in Montenegro –
There are a lot of places to visit in Montenegro. Some of them are these –

  1. Ostrog Monastery –
    It is a Christian monastery which is located in Central Montenegro. It is situated 900m above the Zeta valley and white in color. It is the main sight in Montenegro, especially for Orthodox Christians. Millions of people visit there annually. There is a guest house situated near the monastery which offers tidy single-sex dorm rooms. During summers free sleeping bags are also provided.
    2. Bay of Kotor –
    Boy of Kotor is also known as Boka. It is a bay of the Adriatic Sea located in Southwest Montenegro. It is about 28 km long. It is one of the wettest places in Europe. Boka has about 100 Catholic churches and about 200 Orthodox churches. St. Trifun is the oldest cathedral in Boka which was built in 1166.

3.Budva –
Budva is a town on the Adriatic Sea. It is the most popular place in Montenegro. The full town is encircled with defensive stone walls. Budva has an image of a crowded beach resort. It has a lively and vibrant atmosphere. There is an active nightlife in Budva. The most attractive beaches and pleasant climate of Budva make it a very popular place.

  1. Ulcinj –
    It is also a very pretty city in Montenegro. It is a town full of mountains. There is a great sea view in Ulcinj. This is the best place for Wine Lovers. There is a mosque named Breguet mosque and a very good food market.
  2. Sveti Stefan –
    It is a 5-star resort on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It has 58 guest rooms and suites. It was built in 1934. Ther is a bar and a cigar room in the resort. The pizzas are very delicious and main dining of the resort. It is also a very good place to visit.

Best way to travel in Montenegro –
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