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The popularity of Pokemon was primarily established when the game was introduced as the best-selling one in 1996. This game is successful with children as well as adults. Its popularity and success are because the players enjoy its unique characters. These characters are monsters that can be trained as pets. The Pokemon characters are trained by their trainers and are used to fight with each other. If the trainer is more skilled then the character becomes strong and it increases the chance to win a battle.

You can find many Pokemon PC games that you can play online. Every pocket monster possesses special abilities that are revealed during battle. The abilities and skills increase along with experience as the character gets involved in many battles against the other Pokemon characters. In every win, your pet will grow in abilities and gain strength. This needs skills and the players have to use their creativity to take the next step. In several ways, this is an educational and a fun game but this game can become very addictive. Due to the popularity of this game, it is available on different console systems and gaming and also on the internet. These games are also available on the internet for free.

Download Pokemon games

It is easy to download Pokemon PC games. With a few clicks of a mouse, the game will be ready to get installed in your computer. However, it is not advisable to download the game from any website. You have to know more about that website and then you have to decide whether it is trustworthy or not. Download the programs only from the high established and well-reputable gaming sites. This will not put the computer at risk. The online games are highly engaging just like the original releases. In several games, the RPG concept is adapted. Other games incorporate fighting, simple racing, and puzzle games.

Playing the game

Pokemon games were originally released as Role Playing Games in Japan. It requires both skills and strategy to play. You cannot finish this game in one sitting. Ever since the release of the first Pokemon game, many sequels have been released. Apart from the sequels, translations, remakes, and other variations of the game have been released too. This has made the way for online games where you can download and play it offline. Every Pokemon fan knows about the different Pokemon games.

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