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On your visit to the United Kingdom, you should visit some of the places, without fail that I am going to describe later. Some famous places like ‘The British Museum’, ‘The Scoop’, are some of which one must visit. One more thing very famous if you are in Europe is ‘Land Bingo of UK’. You can and you should take a chance to enjoy this once in your lifetime if you are there.

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Land Bingo of UK

Before bingo games became popular online, the players had to make use of the bingo halls which were located in select cities and towns. These bingo malls used to cater to the needs of the players since then. However, with the increase of the Internet and developments in technology, players prefer to play bingo games on their smart phones or tablets.

Some more places to enjoy in the United Kingdom where you must visit before you leave.

  • Somerset House
  • The Scoop
  • Ceremony of the Keys
  • The British Museum

Somerset House

On your free visit, you should visit the Somerset House. The large Georgian building and courtyard appears. You can get an ideal view of the Thames and there is a small basement gallery. You will notice courtyard fountains which are beautiful to look at. The catacombs which are present inside are open for installations, art, and performances.

The Scoop

If you love drama, then you would love to see actors performing on the stage. You might be interested in the Scoop which is amphitheatre which has performances including plays, film screenings, and live musical evenings. When you have enjoyed the performance you can make use of the café which is located nearby.

Ceremony of the Keys

The ceremony of the keys has been going on for now since 700 years. The Tower of London performs the Ceremony of the Keys. Due to the bomb blast, the ceremony was delayed once, but other it has always taken place on time. You can and will enjoy along with the crowd who come out in large numbers to view the ceremony.

The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the best places you can walk down to when you are in search of some solace and comfort for entertainment. There are so many sights and work of art to see like the Elgin Marbles, artifacts from several countries and civilizations. You will however love the Enlightenment rooms which are present on the East wing of the museum which contains a glass roof.

These were some of the best places you will want to consider visiting in the United Kingdom.

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