Top 4 High Paying Job Opportunities For Military Veterans


Many are wondering what job opportunities are available for a member of the military who transitions from vital work to civilian life. Sometimes, many of the responsibilities and skills that come with military service are already transferable to a high paying job.

The veterans from the military, attain valuable skills in leadership and information technology. The advantage for many veterans is that the job, which typically requires their skills, has high salaries and provides some good employment benefits.

Here are four job opportunities for military veterans which provide a high wage.

Chief information security officer

With great data breaches becoming an all too common occurrence, the task of a chief information security officer is more demanding nowadays than it has even been. These IT employees usually overlook a team of highly-experienced workers who are responsible for evaluating the security strategies and defending a company’s information systems.

Since these veterans are equipped with a new focus on cyber warfare, they are sometimes well qualified to use their skills to the same positions in the private workforce. The median salary for a chief information security officer is around $133,700.

Chief information officer

It is not a surprise that military veterans are sometimes hired to lead a company’s infrastructure and IT strategies. Beside with logistics, and infantry, communication technology is one of the areas which are typical for officer training.

Communication is most likely the single major thing that veterans do in the military, even more than shooting guns.  All various organizations and sectors have to talk to each other between foreign countries and different services, so the number of communicators that is trained is high. Chief information officers got paid for like $167,200.

Vice president for technology

The military people do see much hardware before any other people see it. That’s why a vice president for technology won’t only need to have a firm hold of the technological challenges which a company is facing, to be able to motivate and manage employees effectively.

Military officers and personnel receive training between civilians and service members, that is why they fit for this kind of job. Vice president for technology receives a salary of $134,200 per median.

Capture Manager

A Capture Manager supervises a company’s bid for new opportunities for businesses, especially government contracts. And military veterans are ten times more likely to grasp this kind of position than a civilian.

While sales is not an occupation in the military, businesses also need someone who has knowledge about the workings of the army and administration so they can present their services and products in a way which makes sense to those organizations. Their median salary is $164, 100.


Military veterans don’t have to stay at home if they know that they can still be able to work efficiently. There are many high paying job opportunities that they can take advantage of. In some fields, having military service skills are both career and financially wise for some businesses and companies.

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