Recording any phone call on an Android device or track for finding people on phone has become easy with the arrival of Snoopza application in the market. This is an easily usable and a helpful app to record any phone call. By using this app, you may spy any one easily and that too without acquiring any special knowledge. You may easily opt to download the app of snoopza tracker on phone at free of cost and start with its usage in no time.

There are many reasons, for which you require recording and watching calls. Smartphone devices have become the mainstream and almost everyone use it. Moreover, a few individuals have two or more numbers of Smartphones and hence, they can easily do different tasks or keep many SIM cards. Irrespective of the number of devices or SIM cards, there are a few common reasons, for which a person opts to track cell phone location history free or any other similar type of function-

  • To provide protection to their loving kids from any potential danger, negative influences or anything similar
  • To understand the feelings of one’s marital partner
  • To identify the actions and behaviors of employees in the office/workplace

Procedure to Install the App

Procedure Involved in installing the app of snoopza tracker on phone is very easy. Thus, once you install it, it becomes ready to help you in almost every way. This means, it stores each detail from a monitored type of Smartphone.

Whenever you get some free time and want to hear the recordings, you may easily get it from the available user panel. You may opt to download the respective audio file in your PC or may listen it directly with the help of internet. The best thing is that you do not have to face any difficulty while recording calls on your Android phone. Instead, you have to follow two simple steps i.e.

  • Create your own account by entering your email id and select a strong password (alphanumeric is preferable)
  • Second, you have to download Snoopza and then install it

Once you complete with these steps, you get complete access to call records. Even you may access the respective data from almost every place, where you get an online connection.

Key Features of the Product

Snoopza app used mainly to track cell phone location history free comes with following key features-

  • Recording conversations on phone
  • Get the duration of each call and its type, such as missed one, unanswered one, incoming call or outdoing one
  • Fixation of specific date and time
  • Monitor the call location by activating the function of geolocation
  • Saving both SMS and MMS