What You Need to have for the right Coworking Space


A coworking space is a workspace equipped and shared by several users from different companies, with the aim of pooling resources and infrastructures (meeting rooms, reception, etc.) and forming a community.

It’s mostly a workspace in the era of time. Indeed, coworking is a solution to the problems of flexibility and productivity encountered by many structures.

User profiles are diverse and varied: there are self-employed entrepreneurs, start-ups in development, VSE / SME and project teams of larger companies. For affordable coworking space this is an important matter.

Coworking: spaces that have adapted to new forms of work

  • Coworking is a phenomenon that has grown exponentially. There were only 30 spaces in 2006, while there are now nearly 14,000 by 2017. Today, there are coworking spaces in all major cities, around the world.This is the best option now and for that you will be getting the smartest deal.
  • Why does coworking please so much? The evolution of the world of work
  • Work is experiencing a real revolution, both in lifestyles and in the ways of working in themselves.

Working in a coworking space seems to be the answer to several basic trends. Current economic changes (such as the highlighting of entrepreneurship, the phenomenon of outsourcing, the emergence of new models.), new ways of organizing work (more horizontal management, new corporate cultures, etc.) and the advent of new technologies have introduced new uses in the labor market.

The current world of work also tends towards more flexibility and mobility, which is reflected in particular in the conditions and durations of office rentals. Traditional conditions and organizations are losing their meaning in the face of these new developments.

New needs

The arrival of Generation Y marks a noticeable change in the classic view of the labor market. New needs are emerging for a more connected, more flexible generation and adept at new technologies.

New spaces naturally take them into account by offering the social link, the feeling of belonging to a community, the possibility of sharing ideas, the quality of the office offer, the need for openness to the world and new ones. Discoveries, basically, a better work experience.

It describes quite well the different types of coworkers, with their different expectations, demands, needs and distinctive points.

General or thematic coworking: what to choose?

The nature of a coworking space can vary. Some spaces welcome companies from all sectors and origins, they are coworking generalists. Others are intended for a specific sector or area of ​​activity. These are called thematic and specialized coworking.Depending on the level of formality and specialization of the third-place, different offers may exist (cafes, shared offices, business centers, incubators).As a result, the thematic / specialized space is at odds with the generalist space.

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