Yes, it’s really difficult to resist to all that delicious food and we’re not judging. We’re on the same wagon, though if we continue this way, we won’t be able to fit.

The Holiday Season is a nightmare for your summer body if you’re not careful. We’re in the middle of it, so it’s not too late to start fixing what’s done or prevent further “damage”.

Of course not eating all that delicious food is not an option, so we’ll have to turn to alternative methods, to get back at least to zero by Christmas.

And then all over again.

There are always a few tips and tricks that will enable you to enjoy all the holiday food delights, and still look perfect. Here’s what fitness experts from Fit Athletic Club recommend.

Drink Water

Water really is your friend, but not for the silly reason of making you feel full you can find on the internet.

The major cause of gaining weight is not getting rid of all the harmful and unnecessary matters in our organism. Just like taking a shower and cleaning your body on the outside, drink water to clean the inside of your body and rid it of all the trash that’s piled up during the season.

Also, a significant part of the body weight can be due to water retention, so an addition of lemon or ginger could do wonders to get all the extra water out of your body along with all the toxins. And regular and sufficient water intake will keep the system clean and circulating.

Be Active

In this cold weather perfect for hibernation, any kind of activity matters.

Help with chores in your house, go on foot whenever you can, or ideally, of course – hit the gym. Opt for individual exercising or a group program, depending on your preferences.

Twice a week should be enough to keep you in shape, at least for the winter, and you can set the higher goals later.

Additionally, sweating is an excellent way of getting rid of all the toxins and extra water that accumulated in your body – so do sweat it out. Of course, you can also always exercise at home, just make sure you’re serious and disciplined about it.

Keep Eating

I bet you’ll like this one. Yes, you read that well.

Namely, it is better to continue eating, okay, maybe not as much as you were during the “high season”, but not much less. If you drastically reduce the amount of food you take, you’ll only get hungrier, and it will be more difficult for you to resist the temptation.

So; no sudden and radical changes, no meal skipping because it will only make the things worse. You can start choosing more carefully what you eat, introducing more fruit and veggies and healthy snacks instead of fried food, bread, and sweets.

But no matter what you do, do not starve yourself as you won’t achieve anything except risking your health, according to well-respected personal trainers.

Don’t Beat Yourself about It

This is again one of the worst things you can do. If you’re eating, enjoy it. If you want to lose weight, do something about it.

Pointless overthinking, consciousness eating and similar useless things won’t get you anywhere. They might also get you to the idea that not eating at all or eating very little is the solution, and it’s not. So enjoy the holiday season while it lasts.

If you see an opportunity to control yourself, if you feel you don’t really need another piece of cake, perfect. It doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself at any cost. But make sure you do relax and don’t fuss too much, it will all work out (work out, get it) in the end.